Visionary Leadership

Mission statements: Beware empty promises and hollow platitudes

January 9, 2020
See if you can tell what the problem is with these well-known mission statements.

One woman’s victory over corporate tunnel vision

January 9, 2020
Here’s an example of smart people being just a little blind in hiring.

Need a model for day-to-day operations? Consider NASA’s

December 13, 2019
Here are Behavioral Science Technology’s five timeless rules of operation for renewed commitment to safety and cultural transformation at NASA back in 2005. Compare them to the way you do business where you work.

5 principles ‘futurize’ your company

November 7, 2019
In The Future Workplace Experience, authors Jeanne Meister and Kevin Mulcahy lay out guidelines for maintaining your company’s recruiting health in order to attract new talent and keep what you have. Here are the five principles to integrate into your culture.

How to start a sleep-friendly culture that makes workers better

October 10, 2019
Although you may be versed on suggestions for improving individual sleep practices, there are also ways to integrate sleep-friendly practices at the organizational level. Dr. Elena Svetieva, Dr. Marian Ruderman and Dr. Cathleen Clerkin list some possibilities.

Create a customer avatar

September 12, 2019
Creating a customer avatar is crucial at the start of a business, but marketing at any stage can benefit from going through the steps of building a character. It’s valuable. And, let’s face it: it’s fun.

The wisdom/folly of vision boards

June 13, 2019
Powerful motivational tool to some, dopey self-help exercise to others. Here are some of the compelling arguments on both sides of this divisive issue: vision boards.

Business works when you see beyond the obvious

January 10, 2019
If the first you know of a problem is when a system breaks down, it’s too late to avoid the fallout. On the other hand, if you take time to look closely you can see things aren’t running smoothly and you can take action to prevent them from getting worse.

Try ‘Kill the company’ brainstorming

December 13, 2018
How will your company survive over the next five, 10 or 20 years? More important, how will it evolve and grow? Try this exercise with your team to find out.

Following Kubrick almost blindly

December 13, 2018
Leon Vitali gave up a burgeoning career in acting to immerse himself into the world of Kubrick’s methods, working 16-hour days for months at a time to help him in any possible way.