Strategic Leadership

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What vision will you leave behind?

January 17, 2018

Robert Moses is best known as the man who looked at a marshy, unsightly expanse and slowly transformed it into the city of Flushing Meadows, New York.

Toss out sexist assumptions

January 15, 2018

Marjorie Kaplan, former head of Animal Planet and TLC for Discovery Communications, describes an example of sexism early in her career, plus the kind of constant noise that still plagues aspiring women.

Fuel the brain with positivity

January 12, 2018

Some feared that Mike Salvino would prove a high-profile failure. Instead, he learned that people are born with four drivers, and took the insight to heart.

Looking back at sexual misconduct

January 11, 2018

“Although I followed my employee’s wishes, it left me with a nagging feeling.”

Show vulnerability; leave happy

January 3, 2018

Nicole Bernard Dawes’ willingness to ask point-blank for an answer proved a wise strategy.

Avoid project management traps

December 21, 2017

Andrew Makar is all too familiar with project management challenges. An information technology consultant, he has learned how to avoid potholes and stay on track.

Keep talking—you just never know

December 14, 2017

Asked how he convinced his friend Warren Buffett to turn over most of his billions in an enormous donation to the Gates Foundation years ago, software pioneer Bill Gates said he never brought it up.

Steer your team through a crisis

December 4, 2017

Leaders step up in a crisis. Their calm, sturdy attitude boosts everyone’s spirits as they lurch toward a solution. To maintain grace under pressure, start by framing the situation clearly. Explain the crisis to employees in simple terms.

Identify growing markets—then leap

November 28, 2017

Ryan Cohen and his business partner decided to sell their jewelry inventory at a loss to try to corner the market on pet parents. The result was Silicon Valley wasn’t that interested in parting with startup money at first, but the company is now valued at around $4 billion.

Could Barefoot have gotten luckier?

November 24, 2017

Michael Houlihan didn’t intend to launch a wine company. It all started by happenstance.

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