Strategic Leadership

Someone please reinvent the job ad!

September 8, 2021
As someone who’s made generous rounds of job-seeking and interviewing over a career, I can just about recite the text of most job postings. Let me guess… you’re looking for a dynamic candidate for your fast-paced environment that’s offering a competitive salary?

Know which decision model you need to apply

September 8, 2021
Great leaders demonstrate profound humility, but not to the point of leaving those they lead empty-handed. They are prepared to escalate to higher authority or, at the very least, move laterally to find the answers they need. Key to their rationale is the understanding that two types of decisions exist.

Remember a universal business preamble: “We the people”

September 8, 2021
As people change, so do organizations—not the other way around.

If your business is bananas, this might be why

September 8, 2021
Whether or not you believe in the theory of evolution, you are probably familiar with some aspect of the Monkey Theory of Management.

How to come back from a long career fall

September 8, 2021
Even if being fired or laid off feels like failure, once you take some time to get some perspective, you can strategize a new direction.

How to write an effective business proposal

September 8, 2021
You believe your product or service can solve a potential client’s problem, so it’s time to write an official business proposal. Here’s how.

C.C. Sabathia’s epic career hurdle

August 16, 2021
C.C. Sabathia’s legendary career as a top-flight pitcher wasn’t always based on dominance, but rather consistency and durability.

Avoid becoming a ‘fixer’ boss

August 16, 2021
It’s good to be a boss who is engaged and supportive of their team, right? Well, yes. To a point.

Minimize ping-pong responses

August 16, 2021
Provide a closed list of choices when you need a decision made rather than allowing for an open-ended exchange or debate.

Measure twice, cut once

July 23, 2021
It can be difficult to convince staff that your product or process must undergo prolonged testing before it’s launched. You’ve got to overcome both burgeoning optimism and the sense that a project must get underway now. But heed the experience of the former president and COO of Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Horst Schulze.