Strategic Leadership

The wisdom/folly of vision boards

June 13, 2019
Powerful motivational tool to some, dopey self-help exercise to others. Here are some of the compelling arguments on both sides of this divisive issue: vision boards.

5 mental traps of decision-making

May 9, 2019
Heuristics are defined as mental shortcuts, or unconscious routines, to help us deal with the complexities of decision-making. Most of the time, these shortcuts serve us well—but they can undermine our objectivity. Here are five psychological traps, or biases, that often derail business decisions.

’I’m sorry! I’m so so sorry!’

May 9, 2019
Q. I blurted something a little hurtful to a colleague recently; it wasn’t an offensive statement so much as sharing a secret I should not have. I apologized but it obviously didn’t take. What should I do now?

9 head-slapping product fails

May 9, 2019
Here are unifying reminders that even successful people are not immune from making conspicuously bad decisions.

How to spot the gray rhino

May 9, 2019
There are many reasons we can fail to act on warnings. So what makes a warning more likely to break through, and when are they disregarded?

Got a problem? Think it over

May 2, 2019
Thinking through a problem deeply—long before taking any action—may be the key to solving it.

3 steps to turn around a culture

April 25, 2019
If morale has tanked, customer complaints are rampant, and turnover is high, a hostile work environment may be to blame. You will need to address the underlying issues in order to overhaul the culture and create a work environment that people are happy and proud to be a part of. Start here.

Fordlandia: A parable of arrogance

April 11, 2019
In the late 1920s, the Ford Motor Company bought millions of acres of land in Brazil. Henry Ford’s intention was to start a rubber plant there, and to utilize that product in the manufacturing of its cars. But his vision was bigger than that.

On the music/leadership connection

April 11, 2019
Consider these terms: resonance, harmony, rhythm, symphony, ensemble, dynamics, pitch, scale. As a leader, do any of these words strike a chord?

A reporter just called. Ready?

April 11, 2019
We all know the saying … practice makes perfect. We also know the saying failing to prepare is preparing to fail. It’s true! You need to prepare for an interview!