Decision Making

Stop being an indecisive manager

January 20, 2023
Ever-changing workplaces require leaders to make more decisions than ever in uncharted waters, and the burden can result in decision fatigue. But waffling on what to do comes at a price.

Avoid falling for dichotomies

June 8, 2022
“Whenever you are faced with an either-or choice, you should try to take a broader view of the situation and consider alternative ways of solving the main problem confronting you.”

How clear are your KPIs?

March 25, 2022
Key performance indicators, or KPIs, are progress metrics intended to help drive business decisions. Strong businesses don’t just ask, “How are we doing overall?” They discuss and define which specific KPIs best reflect their goals most effectively. Here’s just an idea of the range of KPI tools.

Is your gut instinct the best decider of all?

November 10, 2021
A pitcher stares in at his catcher and decides to wave off a sign for a breaking ball. The catcher is working from his knowledge of the batter’s tendencies… but the pitcher is going from his gut. That’s NDM: naturalistic decision-making. In his book Range, David Epstein explores why it’s a double-edged sword.

Know which decision model you need to apply

September 8, 2021
Great leaders demonstrate profound humility, but not to the point of leaving those they lead empty-handed. They are prepared to escalate to higher authority or, at the very least, move laterally to find the answers they need. Key to their rationale is the understanding that two types of decisions exist.

Minimize ping-pong responses

August 16, 2021
Provide a closed list of choices when you need a decision made rather than allowing for an open-ended exchange or debate.

Leverage controversy in decision making

June 2, 2021
If a decision is important and risky, it should be controversial. Every organization needs a healthy atmosphere for dissent if it wants innovation and commitment.

For advice, tap these employees

April 14, 2021
You depend on your employees for ideas, input and feedback, but you have to listen to the right employees for the best information. Identify specific types of employees to help you make decisions effectively.

Decisions, decisions

December 9, 2020
Some days they come at you fast and furious. You need to prioritize your decisions and tackle them in some kind of rational order.

When to end the debate and make the decision

November 25, 2020
Most of your managerial decisions involving your group call for negotiation, multiple viewpoints, and lots of discussion. However, at what point should you, as the discussion leader, end the debate and move ahead to a decision? Use these three criteria to decide when it’s cutoff time.