Shake up the team and its results with sprints

April 13, 2022
The sprint process as it relates to business is just what it sounds like: a burst of intense activity for a short, set amount of time, typically about five days. A team is challenged to zero in on one big goal and move from idea to prototype to customer outreach within that tight window.

“When it’s grim, be the Grim Reaper and go get it”

February 9, 2022
Who says you can’t get a little dark in your pep talk when there’s a lot to lose?

Motivation, that most slippery of beasts

June 9, 2021
“Here’s the dirty little secret about motivation you need to know,” writes Alain Hunkins in Cracking the Leadership Code: Three Secrets to Building Strong Leaders. “You can’t really motivate anyone else.”

When employees lose their drive

May 12, 2021
Most employees start out full of enthusiasm, but some lose their motivation along the way. Here are some common causes of lost motivation—and what you can do about them.

Lift spirits during tough times

January 13, 2021
Motivation is easy when business is good and your organization is running smoothly. It’s more of a challenge when you hit a rough patch. Here’s how to keep employees motivated when things are going wrong.

Why you might be having trouble

July 9, 2020
Leaders have trouble motivating employees because they don’t directly ask them about what they want, says leadership consultant Paul Cherry. Learn to recognize and avoid these self-defeating arguments.

How to rekindle the fire

June 10, 2020
Why do some effective groups or departments that have been together for, say, two or more years start to lose steam? Perhaps your success has made you forget what you did to energize a great group effort in the first place. It’s time to look back to the group-building process.

3 needs that drive employees

May 14, 2020
Money, gifts, and perks make great motivational tools—but their effect goes only so far. To help your employees want to perform at their best over the long run, help them meet these three basic needs that run deep in most people.

Coronavirus tactics: Managing a remote staff

March 13, 2020
Want to get the most from your remote staff? Showing that out of sight does not mean out of mind encourages them to step up their game and contribute to the company’s development.

Dig deep into the truths of motivation

October 10, 2019
There’s an assumption that motivation is a simple trade-off, a labor-equals- reward system. But there’s a lot more to it.