Coronavirus tactics: Managing a remote staff

March 13, 2020
Want to get the most from your remote staff? Showing that out of sight does not mean out of mind encourages them to step up their game and contribute to the company’s development.

The next great Lifetime movie

March 11, 2020
Q. I’m a single female VP (it took me 10 years to rise up) who is romantically attracted to a charming male subordinate. We have a strict no-fraternization policy. I love my job and I’m falling in love with him. I know I can’t have both. Help!

Feeling the fire’s heat

March 11, 2020
Q. I received a directive from above to “find a reason to fire” a worker I hired several years ago. This person did nothing wrong from what I see, but the powers-that-be must have their reasons why they no longer want him employed here. Should I demand an explanation from them, or should I work on the termination?

Considering a retreat? Ask 3 questions

March 11, 2020
Before you start planning one, decide whether a retreat is right for you. Dave Jennings, president of the consulting and training firm Business Acumen, Inc., poses the following three questions.

Delegate your authority without fear

March 11, 2020
You know it’s important to delegate authority to those you lead in order to empower them and develop their leadership potential. Still, giving up the authority you’ve worked so hard to acquire and apply is hard. Accept that fact, and learn to face three of the fears that plague every leader who delegates.

When negotiating, put some thought into the venue

March 11, 2020
Deciding where negotiations will take place shouldn’t be an afterthought. Location can make a significant difference in reaching your objectives for both you and your counterpart. Law professor Jeswald Salacuse recommends checking out the advantages and disadvantages of the four most common negotiating locations.

How to break off a chat to work the room

March 11, 2020
How do you gracefully break off a conversation with one person when you need to move on to someone else? Communications coach Karen Susman offers several tips.

3 leadership myths

March 11, 2020
Stop believing these three myths that have even confident people convinced that they aren’t fit to lead.

1 piece of advice you can skip

March 11, 2020
It turns out that “sage” productivity advice to tackle your most dreaded tasks first may be all wrong.

Availability bias may be tripping you up

March 11, 2020
Good decision-making depends on obtaining sufficient information and using it effectively. What you learn toward the end of the data-gathering process can hijack your thinking and produce bad decisions. Here’s how to fight off information distortion.