5 mental traps of decision-making

May 9, 2019
Heuristics are defined as mental shortcuts, or unconscious routines, to help us deal with the complexities of decision-making. Most of the time, these shortcuts serve us well—but they can undermine our objectivity. Here are five psychological traps, or biases, that often derail business decisions.

’I’m sorry! I’m so so sorry!’

May 9, 2019
Q. I blurted something a little hurtful to a colleague recently; it wasn’t an offensive statement so much as sharing a secret I should not have. I apologized but it obviously didn’t take. What should I do now?

The Leader’s Horoscope: Your sign according to your LinkedIn connections

May 9, 2019
Are you a Smartphone, a Whiteboard, a Luggage Roller or a Reserved Parking Space?

In business with friends: A mistake?

May 9, 2019
For every warning against doing business with your friends, there’s also plenty of expert advice and evidence to argue the contrary.

9 head-slapping product fails

May 9, 2019
Here are unifying reminders that even successful people are not immune from making conspicuously bad decisions.

Weird, wonderful corporate musicals

May 9, 2019
“He’s a Penney Man,” “Tires to Sell,” “An Exxon Dealer’s Wife” … all of these are song titles from professionally produced Industrials.

How to spot the gray rhino

May 9, 2019
There are many reasons we can fail to act on warnings. So what makes a warning more likely to break through, and when are they disregarded?

Bring mastery and dignity to every endeavor

May 9, 2019
In the daily grind, we tend to focus on where we’re going and how we’re going to get there. It’s easy to lose touch with the simple triumphs of mastery of detail and craft in our jobs.

Leadership Tips, Vol. 619

May 9, 2019
How popular are your execs? … ABC: Always Be Cutting.

9 nasty names I’ve been called as a female leader … or were they compliments?

May 2, 2019
When I started work as a doctor, I allowed more of my natural leadership qualities to show. The negative feedback about my “personality” began immediately.