Enlist your employees in ethics issues

May 12, 2021
When top executives commit crimes and other ethical violations, their actions make headlines. But ethical behavior is the responsibility of everyone from the corner office to the mailroom. Head off crises by tapping into your detailed knowledge of employees at every level.

Are you on an ethical path?

November 11, 2020
The decisions you make not only have to be good for business, they should be ethical as well. To make that happen, you’ve got to think through every decision and be sure you cover the relevant ethical issues. These questions, based on a checklist, can help you provide the appropriate level of scrutiny.

Tough questions—to keep it honest

October 7, 2020
They’re coming—questions from employees, applicants, and customers about your organization’s ethics. Since employee retention, hiring, and customer loyalty are always important issues, review the following tough questions about your company’s honesty.

How much does a résumé lie matter?

April 11, 2019
Q. Recently, it came to light—only to me—that one of our star employees lied on his résumé six years ago to get the job. Our organization has a zero-tolerance policy on dishonesty, so I’m in a real bind here. This person’s production is really off the charts. Any advice?

Stand up for what’s right

July 12, 2018
Admiral Paul Zukunft led over 50,000 people as a commandant in the U.S. Coast Guard. He credits eavesdropping on his boss as one of the key learning moments in his lengthy career.

It’s test time!

September 6, 2017
Take this quiz to see how transparent you are as a leader.

Shared sacrifice forges strong bond

November 18, 2016
Amid the economic crisis in 2009, Darren Virassammy feared for his job. He worked for a small-business owner whom he greatly admired, but he figured the severe slowdown would lead to layoffs.

A CEO sends $2 million message

September 2, 2016
In December 2014, Rick Holley made a decision that startled many observers: He gave back what amounted to about $2 million of his compensation.

See the good in would-be enemies

April 11, 2016
Smart negotiators know how to turn po­tential adversaries to allies. That often requires ratcheting down the tension to make others feel comfortable taking a risk.

A lesson in leading ethically

January 19, 2016
Ethical foundations are important in leadership positions. We interviewed the president and CEO of UBS, a large Swiss bank, to get his advice on how to build them.