Book review: The Long-Distance Team

March 8, 2023
Kevin Eikenberry and Wayne Turmel, authors of the new book The Long-Distance Team, delved into how to design your team for success long before COVID transformed the workplace. The book is ideal for those who want to institute change but don’t know where to start.

3 musts for building a successful hybrid team

March 8, 2023
It is one thing to take a group of individuals and create a team in a shared environment/workplace. It is another when everyone is remote from each other, on a level (although sometimes challenging) playing field. Here are three things you must do now to create and support a successful hybrid team.

5 leadership tips that bring out the best in your team

February 3, 2023
It’s a challenging time in the world of work—candidates and new hires ghosting employers, recruiters and hiring managers ghosting candidates. Then there are too many candidates, not enough candidates, business needs that change abruptly (and change the recruiting trajectory) and “quiet quitting” (aka disengaged employees). “Work” is more work than ever.

Get your team thinking very creatively

September 2, 2022
Collect a box of odds and ends, the less useful the better. Tell the group that the organization has overproduced these items and has thousands, or millions, left in stock—and it’s the group’s job to figure out how to market them to recoup the costs.

The 10 tenets of a group dynamic

June 8, 2022
“A group or co-operative enterprise is more likely to succeed,” wrote researchers Malcolm Harper and A.K. Roy in a study published in 1980, “if the following conditions are satisfied.”

The wrong ways to manage conflict

April 13, 2022
Conflict within a team can be a seriously corrosive force. But it doesn’t have to be. An excerpt from Don Yeager’s book Great Teams: 16 Things High Performing Organizations Do Differently illustrates why:

6 ways to break toxicity’s grip

October 22, 2021
Here is a basic roadmap of steps to take if you’re seeing signs that you’re running a toxic environment, before it turns from toxic to downright hostile.

Not the real deal? Confess it

June 9, 2021
“The costs of imposter syndrome extend beyond the individual,” writes executive coach Alexandra Friedman in an article on called “Overcoming Imposter Syndrome as an Emerging Leader.”

Encourage healthy team competition

April 14, 2021
A little competition in the workplace can increase productivity and enhance employee motivation. Just make sure it doesn’t create needless divisions. Follow these guidelines to help employees and teams focus more closely on their objectives.

How to cultivate collaboration

April 14, 2021
Teamwork is a cooperative effort. As a team leader, pay attention to these guidelines for successful collaboration.