Strategies for a long commute

Can there be any upsides to commuting? Well … maybe. There are certainly ways to take better advantage of that time.

Create a customer avatar

Creating a customer avatar is crucial at the start of a business, but marketing at any stage can benefit from going through the steps of building a character. It’s valuable. And, let’s face it: it’s fun.

Listen to pop culture and profit

Look around at popular culture. Watch for the little signs of transformation. Your next brilliant idea is in there somewhere.

When a leader falls ill

Realistically, this situation may create uncertainty, and it does present possible risk to employees and shareholders. The fear of loss is real.


Today's Leadership Tip

Before you take the stage for your next presentation, ask yourself this question: How many times in the last year has this crowd heard a speech just like the one I’m about to give?


Q. I noticed a lot of companies assigning business books for employees to read and discuss, so I tried it here, and everyone seems unenthused. Have I latched unwisely onto a fad that doesn’t have a lot of merit?

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