Get your audience involved

Use these tactics to encourage audience involvement and hold its attention during your presentations.

Show your leadership with one question

A simple question can enhance your credibility as a leader and let employees know that you have confidence in their skills: “How can I help?”

Turn spats into constructive dialogues

Office conflicts don’t have to be destructive. For example, imagine that two employees disagree over the best way to complete a task or solve a problem, can’t resolve their quarrel, and dump it in your lap. To help these two get back to work quickly, try this approach.

Be aware of attitudes during upheaval

When a major change such as a merger or reorganization is near, employees will initially react to it based largely on how they believe it will affect them personally. Check out the three typical responses and ideas for appealing to the employees they apply to.


Today's Leadership Tip

Make sure your product or idea has real potential by asking not what’s neat or new about it, but what problem it solves. If it’s a solution in search of one, go forward with it very carefully.


Q: I’ve been informed by some insiders that my administrative assistant is not happy with her salary. She has not approached me, but since I know what her tasks are and how she performs them, as well as what the going rate is for an admin in our market, she is compensated fairly. What can I tell her if she hits me up for a raise?

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