Motivation, that most slippery of beasts

“Here’s the dirty little secret about motivation you need to know,” writes Alain Hunkins in Cracking the Leadership Code: Three Secrets to Building Strong Leaders. “You can’t really motivate anyone else.”

A key word for problem solvers: Elimination

Author Shamini Bundell cites a new study from University of Virginia researchers that explains why people rarely try to solve problems by taking things away, and that our instinct is to add elements instead, even when this repeatedly doesn’t work.

Leadership books: Where do I start?

Authors Jeff Brown and Jesse Wisnewski, in their new book Read to Lead, offer advice on picking books on professional development.

The road is rough for the power couple

Couples trying to balance two careers can often have an especially complex dance to choreograph.


Today's Leadership Tip

'Agree heartily; disagree softly.' That's the advice of Walter Anderson in The Confidence Course. Don't miss opportunities to let others know that you share their views. If you disagree, let them know by asking a question. ("That's not how I see it. How did you arrive at that conclusion?") Open-ended "why" questions also get speakers to reveal more of themselves and feel more connected to you as a result.


Q. I have a great job candidate who mentioned that he finds certain aspects of our hiring process intrusive and ineffectual. HR seems to think that this hints at a worrisome attitude. Even though the candidate may be right, should I be worried?

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