Why aren’t my videos getting views?

You spend and spend on making videos to connect with customers and clients—in terms of both time and money—yet the actual click numbers don’t seem to make it all worth it. Why is it that your well-produced work isn’t garnering more views?

Keep your contractors on budget

By sweating the small stuff, you can help your contractors stick to the budget and do a better job as well.

How to rekindle the fire

Why do some effective groups or departments that have been together for, say, two or more years start to lose steam? Perhaps your success has made you forget what you did to energize a great group effort in the first place. It’s time to look back to the group-building process.

To learn from failure, ask 3 questions

You can learn from your failures—but how do you go about it? Start with three questions you can ask to guide your efforts.


How to respond to crying

7 secrets to success

Today's Leadership Tip

Determine whether the people you're considering promoting are ready to break with their current jobs by asking who would assume their responsibilities if they were assigned to something else. If they name two or three people immediately, they're ready. If they fumble for an answer, they're probably not.


Q: We have our company’s core values plastered all over the place, but little by little you can sense that they’re being pushed aside in the name of profit and expediency. This has happened in more than one place I’ve worked. How do I call attention to this without seeming like a complainer or a troublemaker? I can just hear it now: “That’s what you’re bothering us with?”

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