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A cautionary tale of effusive praise

Beware of bruising sensibilities internally when praising how well someone else or some other organization performs.

Gut feelings: Don’t discount them

Kathleen Sebelius was insurance commissioner of Kansas when health powerhouse Anthem wanted to buy Blue Cross Blue Shield. “My gut just told me this was a disaster waiting to happen,” she remembered.

When you gotta go with your heart

In 1988, at age 33, Miles White turned down the chance to head the Asia Pacific region for a division of Abbott Laboratories. Why? His wife wanted to open a children’s bookstore and he didn’t want to transplant their three young sons.

How to apologize like a mean man

According to Mark Lipton, author of Mean Men: The Perversion of America’s Self-Made Man, here’s how you can (unfortunately) sound just like a toxic business leader when the time inevitably comes to say you’re sorry for something.


Daring to be different

When decisions bite back

Today's Leadership Tip

If you find yourself often speaking of how good things used to be (or even how bad they used to be), remember that people want to follow those who live most in the present. Nostalgia is a trap we all fall into; if you want to be seen as cutting edge, make sure it doesn't creep too much into your daily conversations.


Q. I’m quite well paid and it’s obvious to everyone at my company. But I’m in charge of motivating a lot of very low-paid employees. I’m not sensing their trust—I think the income disparity is a real problem. What do you recommend?

Does the thought of speaking in front of people make you cringe in fear? Learn how to harness the courage that puts fear in its place, and how to avoid the traps that will sink you like the Titanic. The secrets for fearless speeches,training, and meeting facilitation are in Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking. Watch the video now.

Whatever your specific leadership role, I am confident you find yourself in the role of presenting to others – at least on occasion.  And if that is true, I’m guessing you would like to do it more effectively and more persuasively. These are good goals.  Yet too many people present just like everyone else; which of course, gives you the same results they got.

Three actions to adopt with your team.

Q: “My boss, ‘Karen,’ feels the need to control absolutely everything. Ever since Karen promoted me last year, I have been so frustrated that I can hardly stand it. How can I work with this obsessive woman?”