Words of comfort for the late bloomer

Many of our best and most professionally valued characteristics improve as we grow older. Here are some big strengths of late bloomers to consider when you—or someone you’re thinking of hiring—didn’t necessarily cram all the glory days into the ages between 21 and 35.

Indulge the futurist in you

Ari Wallach, founder and CEO of Synthesis Corp and self-declared futurist, believes that what he calls short-termism—the inability to look much beyond our present moment—is killing us.

Stop fearing all those yapping critics

On the subject of our excuses, fears and the negative things we tell ourselves, here are some liberating truths.

Why it’s so hard for businesses to adapt

“We’ve been taught to believe that our capacity for imagination is reserved for artists and inventors,” writes Beth Comstock in her book Imagine It Forward. “The science on this is clear, however: Imaginative thinking is a universal human talent, an evolutionary gift handed down to us that has made us who we are, the undisputed champions of adaptation.”


Today's Leadership Tip

The next time you find yourself struggling with an ethical question, you might want to try a bit of a shock technique to snap yourself into reality: Imagine clicking on Google News tomorrow morning and seeing how the online media's headlines would present your decision to the world. Go ahead and put your photo next to those headlines, of course. If you're not totally at peace with how that would all look, it's time to do some more thinking.


Q: At 45, I’m considering leaving the corporate life for a year, maybe even two, to travel abroad with my mind completely clear, just to learn and expand my horizons. In your experience, is it ever self-sabotaging to make a leap like this in the hopes my future will take shape afterward?

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