How to respond to crying

Employees’ tears are difficult to deal with, perhaps even more difficult than their anger. Yet both often derive from extreme frustration, and the way you counsel angry employees can be adapted to crying ones.

7 secrets to success

When people ponder what makes an effective leader, sometimes they get caught up in style at the expense of substance. A strong handshake and commanding voice are nice qualities, but they don’t guarantee management success.

Make sure ‘no’ means ‘no’

Saying “No” in an argument or negotiation can be difficult, but standing your ground as the other person tries to change your mind can be even more difficult.

3 needs that drive employees

Money, gifts, and perks make great motivational tools—but their effect goes only so far. To help your employees want to perform at their best over the long run, help them meet these three basic needs that run deep in most people.


Keep group history alive

Assess your leadership

Today's Leadership Tip

When huddling with the team to figure out how to salvage, fix or streamline a problem process, never forget to pose one key hypothetical question: "What if we just didn't do this anymore?" A problem in motion tends to draw our focus away from the possibility that the bottom line may very well survive, and even thrive, in the long run without that particular burden. The sudden loss could make your thinkers get quite innovative in response.


Q: Before the coronavirus hit, our company had less than half of its employees working remotely. Now everyone is working off-site and many people have been struggling with it. What are your thoughts on a strategy to make this work for all involved?

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