The 10 tenets of a group dynamic

“A group or co-operative enterprise is more likely to succeed,” wrote researchers Malcolm Harper and A.K. Roy in a study published in 1980, “if the following conditions are satisfied.”

Let employees go out how they want

Like most rituals, the office farewell party is, in theory, a nice idea. But honestly… who has ever enjoyed theirs?

Avoid falling for dichotomies

“Whenever you are faced with an either-or choice, you should try to take a broader view of the situation and consider alternative ways of solving the main problem confronting you.”

Choose and sequence the issues correctly

In Bill Scott’s book The Skills of Negotiating, he argues that selecting the exact issues to be negotiated, and the exact order in which this will be done, “often becomes itself a preliminary round of negotiation.”


Today's Leadership Tip

Social media's all about building influence, and everyone's trying to outdo each other. To keep up in the competition for the world's attention, sit down today and tweet or post something that totally goes against the grain of what you normally put out there. Test the limits of your comfort zone—your followers will take notice and appreciate it. They become bored more quickly than you think, so grab their gaze today and hold it.


Q. A senior leader was let go from our company. As a friend of hers, I’ve become aware of disparaging things she now writes online about it—nothing widely seen, but I think many of them are unjustified. I want to stay friends, but also put an end to these inaccuracies. Any suggestions?

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