The problem with org charts

Does your company use an org chart? If it does, have you ever considered the demotivational effect of being regularly exposed to a hierarchical visual?

5 businesses you’re a little late on

These five interesting discoveries showcase how the pursuit of money is timeless.

Ace the pain points conversation

It’s not always easy for your client to identify and communicate the exact source of their pain points, or to know what can be done about them. By knowing the right questions to ask and helping them identify their needs, you’ve made a crucial connection.

6 strategies making an acquisition painless for all

You’ve closed your first acquisition—what comes next? How do you ensure it lives up to expectations?


Today's Leadership Tip

Before you take the stage for your next presentation, ask yourself this question: How many times in the last year has this crowd heard a speech just like the one I’m about to give?


Q. For years, I’ve set phony deadlines for my project teams. I build in a buffer, but they don’t know that. Lately, they’re starting to suspect I’m forcing them to make a false deadline. Should I level with them?

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