Eliminate 4 crucial weaknesses

Leadership doesn’t come naturally to every manager. As you move forward in your career, work to expel these weaknesses that can inhibit your ability to be seen as a true leader.

Yes, you can reduce interruptions

Setting aside specific hours in the day to work without interruption can help you manage your time more efficiently, but pressing issues will still come up. Be prepared, and prepare your employees, too, by classifying your most common interruptions so employees know when they can interrupt you and when to wait. Try these basic categories.

Don’t let these scandals rock your organization

A scandal can ruin your organization’s reputation. As a leader, be on the lookout for these crises-in-waiting so you can take action before they wreak havoc on your organization and its people.

Politely shut off rambling speakers

What if employees go off on tangents when giving a report or making a comment at a meeting? They may be trying to contribute, but they’re wasting the group’s time and energy. Try asking focused questions requiring short, specific answers to politely turn the conversation.


Tackle that dreaded task

Today's Leadership Tip

If you approve a bonus for an employee, don't just have that figure added to their next direct deposit, and don't just have HR drop a check into a plain white envelope and plunk it in their mailbox. Hand-deliver the bonus if you can, placed inside a simple card, and verbally express your thanks for a job well done. That way they know it's not given grudgingly, but gratefully.


Q: I’ve been a Washington Redskins fan for most of my life, and my office shows it—posters, helmet, throw-rug, etc. Now that we’re returning to the office, I’m wondering what my employees will think if I don’t remove the “Redskins” motif, now that the team dropped the offensive nickname. I’d like to keep all my memorabilia. What would you do?

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