5 tips for sharing ideas with leaders and teams

It can be challenging to have discussions at work without letting your preconceived ideas influence the discussion. Here are five tips to improve your chances of getting honest opinions and great ideas.

5 reasons to expand your network and what you’ll gain

With all of today’s demands, it can be tempting to ignore networking opportunities with leaders outside your company. But this is short-sighted thinking. If approached strategically, expanding your network beyond your organization can further your goals. Here are five ways you can benefit.

5 communication tactics to improve your leadership success

How important is communication to leadership success? Jeremie Kubicek and Steve Cockram, authors of The Communication Code: Unlock Every Relationship, One Relationship at a Time, say they have the answers. The duo contends that this soft skill is essential to forming relationships that can accelerate workplace productivity.

What you can learn from the best and worst senior leadership moves

While you might not be running a Fortune 500 company, there’s a lot you can learn from leaders who do. Here are examples of situations, traits and behaviors worth emulating, and those you should avoid.


Today's Leadership Tip

Each year that the digital lifestyle engulfs us all, the power of a simple handwritten note grows. Just as getting a real greeting card in the mail dwarfs even the snazziest animated e-card, handing off a note of thanks, encouragement or motivation written in your own hand is a gesture that gets noticed and remembered. If your staff doesn't know your lettering by sight, it might mean your communications with them could use a personal touch.


Q. I’m in the process of gaining U.S. citizenship. When I applied for a job recently, the employer asked me to produce documents proving I was legally able to work. I provided my driver’s license and Social Security card, but then he asked for a “green card,” which I do not have. Is this legal?

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