Is it self-care or self-sabotage?

Self-care is non-negotiable. But when the whole world seems confusing, it’s easy to confuse what’s truly making us stronger with what’s tearing us down. Here’s some advice on telling the difference.

Wow, now this is tone-deaf!

Recently, some workers received an email from their employer, a large health and science university. The email read: “In response to the current community hardship caused by the covid-19 pandemic, (company) has decided to assist all employees in getting through these difficult times.”

Time to stop testing for marijuana?

In this competitive hiring environment, Quest Diagnostic reports that fewer companies these days are testing their employees for THC, the chemical component in marijuana that delivers a high. Many employers have decided it’s most practical to stop testing for marijuana in most locations.

Learn from the craziness of the minor leagues

Look at your organization and give it a letter grade when it comes to creativity in naming everything from your products to your internal processes. What’s keeping you from getting bolder and more fun?


Today's Leadership Tip

Three blind mice, the three little pigs, three wishes—there’s a reason childhood stories revolve around the magic number “3.”  Our brains tend to think in threes. Add a fourth item, and it doesn’t stick in our memory as well. How can you take advantage of this simple truth? Persuade someone to think of three points you want to convey. Repeat them throughout your story or pitch. End your spiel by touching on the three points again.


Q. I’m starting to feel like a football coach who has “lost the locker room.” After a couple of projects went very bad, I sense the staff has lost faith in me. What can I do?

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