How to set up subcommitees

Heading a committee or leading a project team is quite a job to begin with. When the group’s work gets heavy or complicated enough that you have to appoint subcommittees to handle specific areas or tasks, your job can become even tougher. These four tactics should help.

Are your ‘best practices’ just that?

Experts may recommend adopting best practices and performance benchmarks to improve your group’s performance. However, as management consultant Michael McLaughlin cautions, don’t import ready-made solutions until you’re sure they’ll work in your situation. Test each practice four ways.

When under pressure, who are you?

Exceptional times—good or bad—often require leaders to change, either to take advantage of what’s going right or to remedy what isn’t. Look closely at three aspects of your leadership.

What about those pesky deadlines?

Negotiating is tough, and facing a deadline for reaching an agreement just makes it worse. Several strategies can help make it work for you.


Today's Leadership Tip

Determine whether the people you're considering promoting are ready to break with their current jobs by asking who would assume their responsibilities if they were assigned to something else. If they name two or three people immediately, they're ready. If they fumble for an answer, they're probably not.


Q: Our staff has been given a project to record dozens of short first-person presentations on video. We’ve found that a few folks are depressingly wooden, formal, and uneasy on camera. Is there a simple way to snap them out of their stage awkwardness?

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