At times, silence can be golden

Negotiating is about taking command of the conversation and pushing the discussion toward a resolution favorable to you, right? Not necessarily, says leadership consultant David Traversi.

Negotiation Quick Takes: May '21

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Phrases that can kill a deal

Did you know that using the seemingly innocent phrase “This is a good deal” in a negotiation can actually kill your deal?

Encourage healthy team competition

A little competition in the workplace can increase productivity and enhance employee motivation. Just make sure it doesn’t create needless divisions. Follow these guidelines to help employees and teams focus more closely on their objectives.


Sound Bites: April '21

Today's Leadership Tip

Few people get excited when they see yet another meeting invitation float into their inbox. To intrigue and entice them a little, give the meeting a title. A title suggests that a real narrative may emerge and reminds people in a subtle way to stay focused on the topic. Make it funny, make it dramatic ... just make it seem like you care enough about the meeting to brand it.


Q. It seems that technology in the workplace is running away from me. The younger people in my company are using and embracing all these online productivity tools that I know little about, and I’m left in the dark. I’m in the twilight of my career and have little desire to learn all that. I’m sure there are many others who feel the same. Your thoughts?

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