Listen and learn to achieve your leadership dreams

No one is better qualified to give leadership advice than those who have become senior leaders themselves. We wondered what advice women in those roles would have for other women, so we asked them to share their thoughts. We quickly realized that most advice is relevant to aspiring leaders regardless of gender.

Create an ideal culture with 5 essential leadership skills

Nowadays, the difference between a thriving organization and a failing one often comes down to one critical factor: culture. In their recent book, Why Managers Fail and Leaders Prevail, John and Katie McCann analyze why cultures are crucial to organizational success.

How job descriptions can kickstart productivity

Creating my job description was a valuable lesson in the power of writing things down and reflecting on exactly what you’re doing and why.

How a supportive company culture drives long-term success

Brian Miller, president and CEO of ProVia, shares his leadership philosophy and explains how long-term organizational success can be gained with people-centric values.


Today's Leadership Tip

Each year that the digital lifestyle engulfs us all, the power of a simple handwritten note grows. Just as getting a real greeting card in the mail dwarfs even the snazziest animated e-card, handing off a note of thanks, encouragement or motivation written in your own hand is a gesture that gets noticed and remembered. If your staff doesn't know your lettering by sight, it might mean your communications with them could use a personal touch.


Q. I’m in the process of gaining U.S. citizenship. When I applied for a job recently, the employer asked me to produce documents proving I was legally able to work. I provided my driver’s license and Social Security card, but then he asked for a “green card,” which I do not have. Is this legal?

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