6 innovations that changed everything

In his book How We Got to Now: Six Innovations That Made the Modern World, Steven Johnson tells the story of history’s most intertwined, complex and crucial enterprises.

Leaders waging war on a tabletop

Commanding a fictional army across a map and planning attacks demands smarts and may give you real insight into the way someone responds to high-pressure situations. Keep these games in mind.

Who’s on your ‘reinvention board’?

Is it time for a new job? What about a whole new career? Sound daunting? In the book The 10 Laws of Career Reinvention, author Pamela Mitchell walks us through the process of career reinvention.

5 tips make deadlines mean something

There are reasons why deadlines are difficult to hold, keep and enforce. By taking a look at some positive approaches, we can better use them to accomplish our goals.


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Today's Leadership Tip

People usually have at least two reasons for accepting or rejecting your ideas: one that's meant to sound good to you, and another that they keep to themselves. If you want to uncover that hidden reason, politely ask: "In addition to that first argument, what else is stopping you from going ahead?" That way, they'll understand you're determined to look more deeply into them, and you just might win them over on their terms.


Q. I can sense my staff fading slightly toward the very end of the day. Their productivity flags starting at 4:00. How do I counter this?