What employees need to know

What should your employees know about your organization, and their jobs and careers within it, in order to contribute to the group and reach their own goals? Start the learning with these seven topics.

Answer workers’ questions—even the annoying ones

Leaders must answer questions well, and the first step is overcoming the annoyance you sometimes feel when an employee drops a question on your plate.

Master the principles of persuasion

You get better performance from employees with persuasion than force—more commitment, greater engagement, and a positive attitude. Effective persuasion relies on behavioral principles that may not be obvious, though. Become a master persuader by learning how these factors work.

Has ‘TMZ’ shown us the future of business?

Watch for bold companies to offer ever more vivid windows on their day-to-day operations. What began years ago with a CEO surprising everyone by taking the stage in sneakers and a turtleneck may transform into a competition among organizations to see who can show the public the most candid, unvarnished aspects of how they live and breathe.


Today's Leadership Tip

So you get along great with everyone and everyone has nothing but good things to say about you. That's terrific, but it can also have a double meaning. Ask yourself: Is my nature so generous and so kind that it actually keeps me from getting what I want out of my career and my life? If nobody out there hates you, it might be because you're too hesitant to step on any toes in order to ever grab the brass rings you secretly dream of—or even notch the smaller daily victories won by people who dare to offend and alienate once in a while.


Q: It’s come to my attention that one of my senior VPs has been posting strong political content on social media. Most employees are aware of this and many are resentful of his views. The talk has turned to what might happen if enough people find out where he works and decide to complain to us directly, possibly resulting in upset customers or even the loss of a client. What should I do?

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