Refusal to sign discipline memo? What to do

Every HR professional knows the importance of disciplinary documentation. But what happens if an employee refuses to sign a disciplinary memo?

Powerful quotes from prolific leaders

While it may not happen overnight, every person has the potential to become a prolific leader. Great leaders, in both business and elsewhere, share their ways to inspire others to become great leaders as well. Here are some strong and encouraging quotes from respected experts, some who are still with us and others whose advice still holds true.

Leadership advice from Jacob Morgan

In this month’s profile, we talk to author and leadership expert Jacob Morgan about creating organizations where employees are excited to show up, empowering them and more leadership insights.

Managers as mediators: When and how to intervene

Conflict resolution is all too real in the workplace and often falls just below the radar screen. Managers need to intervene on occasion to realign expectations but also help people feel heard, recognized and respected. When two of your employees aren’t playing nicely with one another and everyone else on the team feels like the temperature drops 20 degrees when they are together, it’s time for the manager to intervene.


Today's Leadership Tip

Each year that the digital lifestyle engulfs us all, the power of a simple handwritten note grows. Just as getting a real greeting card in the mail dwarfs even the snazziest animated e-card, handing off a note of thanks, encouragement or motivation written in your own hand is a gesture that gets noticed and remembered. If your staff doesn't know your lettering by sight, it might mean your communications with them could use a personal touch.


Q. I’m in the process of gaining U.S. citizenship. When I applied for a job recently, the employer asked me to produce documents proving I was legally able to work. I provided my driver’s license and Social Security card, but then he asked for a “green card,” which I do not have. Is this legal?

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