Understand what makes consumers tick

Author Tara Nicholle-Nelson says that the question “What should we do on social media?” is starting the wrong conversation. She recalls a breakthrough marketing moment.

We know that timing is everything, but...

Here are a few great tips on timing from Mark Di Vincenzo’s book Buy Shoes on Wednesday and Tweet at 4:00.

The mesmerizing mistakes of Logan Roy

Loosely based on the Rupert Murdoch clan, HBO’s hit drama “Succession” follows the backstabbing Roy siblings as they compete for control of their father Logan’s media empire, Waystar Royco. There are a few critical leadership lessons in the series, mostly on what not to do.

A new idea for structuring your day

Talking to a friend last month after a long disconnect, I asked him if he had anything new he was into: hobbies, fitness routines, anything to cope with the stress of his job as the CFO of a printing company. “I discovered something interesting by accident,” he said.


Today's Leadership Tip

The next time you find yourself struggling with an ethical question, you might want to try a bit of a shock technique to snap yourself into reality: Imagine clicking on Google News tomorrow morning and seeing how the online media's headlines would present your decision to the world. Go ahead and put your photo next to those headlines, of course. If you're not totally at peace with how that would all look, it's time to do some more thinking.


Q. I’m trying to write down basic new product principles to adhere to before anyone designs anything. What’s some good product design wisdom that can be boiled down into something memorable?

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