In constraints, a burst of genius

The Spark and Fire podcast recently devoted an episode to choreographer Bill T. Jones and Associate Artistic Director Janet Wong. Their dance company was able to stage one of the only large-scale performances held during the pandemic.

In 2020, did your eyes get worse?

Over the last eighteen months, virtually everything in our daily lives was affected by covid-19, including our eye health.

The big business of being useful

From a young age, Jesse Genet was full of ideas and grew frustrated at what she saw as a disconnect between what she could imagine and what she knew how to build. But she had a natural interest in “extreme learning”—putting oneself in a position to learn as a means to an end, and necessary to move on to the next thing.

Hurry up and sleep

Here are some simple and immediate techniques to help steer your mind and body toward sleep.


Today's Leadership Tip

Don’t be like everyone else and serve as a weak servant to your PowerPoint slides. Set yourself a rule: Don’t bring in any visuals whatsoever until you’re at least 20 percent into a speech. Make the audience see that you’re the featured presentation, not words and graphs on a screen.


Q: One of my trusted employees is a small-time thinker. She has such small ambitions, shoots so low … How do I get her to start thinking bigger about her role in the company’s future? She’s just too reliable, experienced and smart to lose.

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