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Helping women rise: Supporting women through sponsorship, allies and mentors

If you’re afraid your female employees aren’t ready for the challenges ahead of them, here are some things that you can do right now to close that gap.

Is there a gap in your leadership skills?

Here are a few of the skills world-class leaders are committed to mastering.

Use fear to propel you

Just think of the awesome, terrible power we’ve given a certain four-letter word. Time to stop that. Fear can be a great motivator when channeled correctly.

You trust Morgan Freeman. Why is that?

Not too many people would dispute the fact that Morgan Freeman occupies the moral high ground in the American film industry. But exactly what is it about the Oscar-winning actor that makes so many people embrace him?


Remember this term!

Today's Leadership Tip

We all know that a postmortem is conducted to find out what went wrong. A premortem is done like this: When you’re about to venture upon a major project, ask team members one question: “It’s one year from now and this thing has failed miserably. What happened?” Asking only for negative possibilities frees people to speak more bluntly since they know it’s pointless to temper their views. Premortems may well save you much heartache down the road.


Q. I just entered my sixties, and I really feel a distance building between myself and the younger generations. Should I feel ridiculous about wanting to look and act younger, just so I feel like I’m more relevant to the staff around me?

You've landed a brand-new supervisory position. Now what? You know your skills as a team player won't be enough for you to excel. But suddenly you're the boss - supervising your one-time co-workers and friends. Making the change from co-worker to manager is tough enough. But taking that extra step - to becoming a true LEADER - is even tougher. Watch the video now.

We walk through every part of our day doing nearly everything by rote; automatically without thinking. Overall this is very helpful — we are leaving…

Three actions to adopt with your team.

Q: “My co-worker, ‘Carly,’ has very bad breath. If she comes into my office for even a few minutes, the odor is still there after she leaves. This is really bothering me, but I don't know how to tell her about it.” Gagging