The wisdom of improv training

What do comedy and business have in common? Plenty, as it turns out. Here are just a few shared principles useful in improv and work.

What’s your ‘Yeah, but’?

Almost everyone must go through their career with the phantom of a “Yeah, but” hovering around them. Maybe it’s a working life tainted by missed opportunities, regrettable behavior, personality failings or just perpetual bad luck. How you deal with your own private “Yeah, but” may determine your level of happiness in life.

Where transformative ideas come from

Science author Steven Johnson writes books about the search for where ideas come from, how we make decisions and what the two pursuits have in common. Some takeaways from his recent conversation on the podcast “Clear + Vivid” with Alan Alda.

5 principles ‘futurize’ your company

In The Future Workplace Experience, authors Jeanne Meister and Kevin Mulcahy lay out guidelines for maintaining your company’s recruiting health in order to attract new talent and keep what you have. Here are the five principles to integrate into your culture.


Today's Leadership Tip

It seems to make perfect sense to offer a reward to an employee after a job particularly well done. But watch the surprising results when you simply reverse the order of things. Offering a small bonus or even just high praise the moment an important project is begun instills confidence, sets expectations and starts things off on a great note. And in case of failure, you're covered: Any conscientious employee will not soon forget what it's like to accept that good will and not deliver.


Q. What sort of advice do you give leaders about their personal use of social media?