Breakthroughs truly know no age

Our ability to innovate and evolve in business is fueled, in part, by a type of fearlessness we typically associate with youth. That isn’t to imply young people are the only ones who can innovate/evolve, but they do serve as prolific examples of status quo disruption.

Give yourself permission to quit

We know that quitting is bad. We’ve been conditioned from an early age. Entrepreneur and author Adam Kirk Smith has some different ideas about quitting, and he suggests that we rethink our automatic and widely negative reactions to the concept.

Someone please reinvent the job ad!

As someone who’s made generous rounds of job-seeking and interviewing over a career, I can just about recite the text of most job postings. Let me guess… you’re looking for a dynamic candidate for your fast-paced environment that’s offering a competitive salary?

Yes, you can create more time

If we can’t create time from scratch, and it’s continuously being subtracted from us, how can we ever hope to have more if it? The answer is simple, but requires some basic knowledge of arithmetic.


Today's Leadership Tip

In meetings, don’t overfacilitate a discussion by acknowledging every comment and then calling on the next speaker. It’s fine to keep quiet and let group members bounce ideas off each other. In fact, some of the best brainstorming occurs when the leader fades into the background and lets participants run the show.


Q. The VP of our company was just let go, opening the door for my colleague to run roughshod over a key division, making sweeping changes and instigating “performance-based” layoffs. I can tell he’s delighting in the chance to turn the tables on people he perceives to be rivals. What can I say to this person to get him to exert some self-control before he crushes employee morale even as profits improve?

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