Look to past leadership greats

If you need a few minutes to sit back, reset and become inspired, take a break and reflect on these quotes.

Why ‘unleaders’ may be just what your organization needs

In their provocative new book Unleadership: The Remarkable Power of Unremarkable Acts, Selen Kars-Ünlüoğlu, Carol Jarvis and Hugo Gaggiotti propose that ordinary people are more effective at tackling complex issues than world leaders. The authors discuss the value of “unleaders” and why organizations should change their leadership development practices.

Need to adapt your style? Consider situational leadership

Organizations are complex and leading them is a complicated process. Aspiring to situational leadership can bring major benefits to your organization as these leaders respond to new events and different environments by adopting the style that fits best at the time.

Leader emphasizes the power of mentoring

As an entry-level engineer, Terrence Southern successfully led a senior team and managed a $10 million program. Due to the success of the project, he received the first of two Black Engineer of the Year Awards (BEYA). Southern is now a nationally recognized Robotics & Automation leader and vice president of operations at MEMCO, which designs and installs advanced automation robotic systems. Here he discusses his leadership journey.


Today's Leadership Tip

Each year that the digital lifestyle engulfs us all, the power of a simple handwritten note grows. Just as getting a real greeting card in the mail dwarfs even the snazziest animated e-card, handing off a note of thanks, encouragement or motivation written in your own hand is a gesture that gets noticed and remembered. If your staff doesn't know your lettering by sight, it might mean your communications with them could use a personal touch.


Q. I’m in the process of gaining U.S. citizenship. When I applied for a job recently, the employer asked me to produce documents proving I was legally able to work. I provided my driver’s license and Social Security card, but then he asked for a “green card,” which I do not have. Is this legal?

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