Time Management

Is the news ruining your productivity?

July 13, 2022
In a world addicted to doom-scrolling, those who can step away from all the bad news are more calm, centered, logical and productive. Here are steps to take now.

Use batching to handle work overload

July 6, 2022
How should you prioritize your workload? Well, maybe you just shouldn’t.

How to not wake your Avoidance Monster

November 10, 2021
Commitments often reveal themselves to be more complex or more demanding than we were initially prepared to take on. And then we avoid doing them. And then we feel like a failure. But you can’t half-commit, right? That defeats the whole purpose of a commitment. Or… does it?

Yes, you can create more time

September 8, 2021
If we can’t create time from scratch, and it’s continuously being subtracted from us, how can we ever hope to have more if it? The answer is simple, but requires some basic knowledge of arithmetic.

Yes, you can reduce interruptions

February 10, 2021
Setting aside specific hours in the day to work without interruption can help you manage your time more efficiently, but pressing issues will still come up. Be prepared, and prepare your employees, too, by classifying your most common interruptions so employees know when they can interrupt you and when to wait. Try these basic categories.

Tackle that dreaded task

February 10, 2021
Your to-do list probably has at least one or two items you really don’t want to do. Instead of shoving them to the bottom, where they won’t get done promptly, try this tactic.

Are you polishing your sneakers?

August 13, 2020
One CEO was known for telling employees, “You’re not going to be able to polish that sneaker,” when he realized that they were spending valuable time on something that’s not worth the effort. Just as an old sneaker can’t be polished back into usefulness or even good appearance, some efforts just won’t get you anywhere.

Are you making your time off count?

October 31, 2019
Do you usually feel recharged when you return to the office after time away, or does that relaxation drain away as soon as you see all your piled-up emails (in other words, almost immediately)?

Strategies for a long commute

September 12, 2019
Can there be any upsides to commuting? Well … maybe. There are certainly ways to take better advantage of that time.

7 great calendar apps

September 5, 2019
Calendar apps are great tools for keeping track of, well, everything, but there are lots to choose from. This Best list for 2019 from Zapier.com can help.