Turnaround Tactics

‘How will I recover from this one?’

January 3, 2019
To fully regain your credibility after making a major mistake, do these 5 things.

When everything’s just average, it’s time to lead

November 8, 2018
So you’re looking around in your organization and you’re seeing the same thing you saw yesterday, and the day before that … and the month before that … and the year before that. In this moment of boring sameness, what can you do to give the place a kick-start toward something greater?

Stuck staring at a blank page?

October 11, 2018
The next time you’re faced with writer’s block, one of these ideas may help the words flow more easily.

Draw a line in the sand on big mistakes

August 12, 2018
On January 27, 1967, three Apollo astronauts were killed in a flash fire inside their capsule while still on the launch pad. Flight Director Gene Kranz took some responsibility for failing the crew, and he went into a debriefing three days later ready for straight talk.

Most incredible turnaround moment ever?

June 14, 2018
Music producer Quincy Jones started life as a hustler on the South Side of Chicago, but found his path after his family moved to a town near Seattle.

Flying high after a turbulent ride

January 22, 2018

Qantas faced numerous challenges in the late 2000s but did not go belly up. Instead, CEO Alan Joyce launched an ambitious turnaround plan. 

Fuel the brain with positivity

January 12, 2018

Some feared that Mike Salvino would prove a high-profile failure. Instead, he learned that people are born with four drivers, and took the insight to heart.

The gamble: Overhaul a culture

November 22, 2017

When Jennifer Cue left as CEO of Jones Soda Co. in 2006, she figured she could raise a family with the satisfaction of knowing she had positioned the beverage firm for years of steady growth. She was wrong.

Always diversify those new initiatives

May 31, 2017
In 2006, Greg Satell confronted a big problem. He helped run a Ukraine-based company whose main product, a popular magazine called Afisha, was in decline.

Turn a blunder into opportunity

May 25, 2017
James McCann pounced on a deal without thoroughly investigating the seller or analyzing the financial details of the transaction. Soon after completing the purchase, he realized his mistake.