Situational Leadership

Hiring a consultant? Take these precautions before you sign

December 9, 2020
Sometimes the best person to solve a major, organization-wide problem is an outsider who’s free of the assumptions and preconceptions that can cloud your judgment. Hiring a consultant gives you access to new ideas and a wider range of experience, but you can’t just pick one randomly. Make the best choice by following these guidelines.

Be charitable, but be vigilant

November 11, 2020
Office drives to raise money for charities aiding disaster victims around the world are surely worthwhile. However, to make sure that your and your employees’ efforts and dollars are put to good use, check out charities before you trust them.

There’s a C-suite–worker disconnect

November 11, 2020
Global Web Index alongside Vimeo conducted a survey that examines the effect remote work has had on employee productivity, efficiency, and engagement.

Plans need a warning mechanism

September 10, 2020
Suppose that you’re leading a major project for your group. You have a plan, and of course you’re committed to it—but are you too committed? Have you built in a way to alert yourself when your plan might need revising once the project is underway? Here’s what to do.

Raise your prices—successfully

September 10, 2020
Customers often begin negotiations by demanding lower prices, but experience shows they respect and often prefer higher-priced items. Take advantage of this paradox with the following tips for raising your prices.

Fix it later, but patch it now

August 13, 2020
Not all problems can be solved right away. Sometimes you have to look for a provisional response until a complete solution can be found. Here are some general approaches to start with.

Prep bosses to deal with layoffs

August 13, 2020
Impending layoffs are tough on everyone—including those who must deliver the bad news. Here’s how to prep your supervisors for the unpleasant job.

Solve a problem in 6 steps

July 9, 2020
What if we … ? Or maybe we should … ? Whatever the challenge you’re facing, it’s easy to get so caught up in trying to find creative solutions that you end up running around in circles and accomplishing nothing. Apply a little logic to the task by following these steps.

Keep your contractors on budget

June 10, 2020
By sweating the small stuff, you can help your contractors stick to the budget and do a better job as well.

Find a speaker in 3 steps

June 10, 2020
If you want to engage a speaker for a function or celebration, start early. The more research you can do before you sign a contract, the better your choice will be. Here are some steps that Bryan Caplovitz of Simply Speaking Seminars suggests to get a jump on the selection process.