Decision Making

Leverage controversy in decision making

June 2, 2021
If a decision is important and risky, it should be controversial. Every organization needs a healthy atmosphere for dissent if it wants innovation and commitment.

For advice, tap these employees

April 14, 2021
You depend on your employees for ideas, input and feedback, but you have to listen to the right employees for the best information. Identify specific types of employees to help you make decisions effectively.

Decisions, decisions

December 9, 2020
Some days they come at you fast and furious. You need to prioritize your decisions and tackle them in some kind of rational order.

When to end the debate and make the decision

November 25, 2020
Most of your managerial decisions involving your group call for negotiation, multiple viewpoints, and lots of discussion. However, at what point should you, as the discussion leader, end the debate and move ahead to a decision? Use these three criteria to decide when it’s cutoff time.

Be smooth when altering a decision

June 24, 2020
Be careful to take employees’ reactions into consideration when announcing your change of course. Here’s how to switch gears smoothly.

Make sure ‘no’ means ‘no’

May 14, 2020
Saying “No” in an argument or negotiation can be difficult, but standing your ground as the other person tries to change your mind can be even more difficult.

‘Pedal’ the truth

April 9, 2020
Q. A few employees asked me if the company would “invest” in under-desk exercise cycles. They cost about $170 apiece. If we buy these for several employees, it would likely open a floodgate of more workers wanting them, setting us back thousands of dollars. Things like these are faddish and I could honestly see them going unused. Should I get them for what amounts to a short-term morale boost?

The next great Lifetime movie

March 11, 2020
Q. I’m a single female VP (it took me 10 years to rise up) who is romantically attracted to a charming male subordinate. We have a strict no-fraternization policy. I love my job and I’m falling in love with him. I know I can’t have both. Help!

Availability bias may be tripping you up

March 11, 2020
Good decision-making depends on obtaining sufficient information and using it effectively. What you learn toward the end of the data-gathering process can hijack your thinking and produce bad decisions. Here’s how to fight off information distortion.

How do you make decisions? It matters

February 14, 2020
There’s more to making decisions than simply choosing an option—it also pays to take into account the effects of the way you make decisions.