Strategic Leadership

Navigate business growth: 10 tips

March 10, 2021
When running a business, you are constantly striving to promote growth. Once things start to take off, there’s often a whole new set of challenges that must be addressed. Here are a few tips I’ve found useful when navigating a period of business growth and expansion.

Don’t let these scandals rock your organization

February 10, 2021
A scandal can ruin your organization’s reputation. As a leader, be on the lookout for these crises-in-waiting so you can take action before they wreak havoc on your organization and its people.

What does the customer really want?

February 10, 2021
A little boy was walking through the woods and found a frog. He picked up the frog, but was shocked when the frog spoke to him.

4 tasks you don’t want to skip

February 10, 2021
Leading change is difficult, and it calls for a specific set of strengths and skills from a manager. Focus on these key tasks to make substantive change happen.

Small business? Dodge these pitfalls

February 10, 2021
In a large corporation, you may have an HR department and layers of management to help you deal with your workforce. But if you run a small business, you’re on your own, and a single misstep can paralyze you. A good employment law attorney will save you from some mistakes, but be careful to steer clear of these mishaps.

7 steps to a great strategic plan

February 10, 2021
A strategic plan sets the direction of an organization or team. It doesn’t have to be lengthy or complex, but the best ones usually include these specific elements.

How leaders can focus on meeting 2021’s challenges

February 10, 2021
As a the new year begins to take shape amid much economic uncertainty, companies that successfully navigated 2020’s turbulence can’t rest, and they need engaged, forward-thinking leaders who can keep adjusting and focusing on the right factors in a volatile business environment.

Say ‘No’ and feel guilt-free

February 10, 2021
You can’t please everyone all the time—which means you’d better learn how to turn down requests from employees, peers, and business associates. Refuse graciously by following these guidelines.

Is your workforce drenched in fear?

January 13, 2021
Strong leaders motivate employees by inspiring and empowering them. Weak ones rule by fear. Which are you? Be on the lookout for these signs that your workplace is overwhelmed by fear.

Invest resources in the right goals

January 13, 2021
People may be your most important asset, but you’re responsible for managing all your resources wisely: time, money, attention, equipment, etc. You don’t want to waste resources on projects that won’t repay the investment. Here’s how to allocate your efforts wisely.