Strategic Leadership

NASA’s quiet secret weapon

February 2, 2017
Key to the success of NASA’s Apollo 11 moon landing was an unassuming black woman named Katherine Johnson.

Smart questions lead to riches

January 31, 2017
Relentless curiosity has propelled Leslie Wexner’s career—and made him a billionaire.

That feeling you’d die for

January 24, 2017
Jed Ortmeyer kept playing hockey while his family begged him to stop.

An evasive CEO’s dramatic fall

January 19, 2017
Elizabeth Holmes used her charisma and sales skills to woo reporters into writing fawning profiles. But then her image as a visionary started to crumble.

Withstand a CEO’s wrath–and win

January 17, 2017
By admitting failure and committing to a better outcome next time, Brian Hasenbauer earned a CEO’s respect.

Amid crisis, a CEO unwisely lays low

January 6, 2017
When the situation involving Wells Fargo wrongdoings escalated in September 2016, CEO John Stumpf remained below the radar.

Watch those tweets!

January 5, 2017
Despite high-profile examples to the contrary, it still behooves you to be careful when you or your employees use Twitter.

It takes one statement to sink you

December 27, 2016
You know you’re not a great leader when your company’s stock soars on news of your departure.

Rising Cub star’s home run was just the beginning

December 23, 2016
Part of what makes Dexter Fowler such a leader is his understanding that his heroics in Game 7 of the World Series were not the end of it—only the beginning.

When Nike notched a key save

December 22, 2016
In 1972, Phil Knight’s entire career boiled down to his performance at a Chicago trade fair.