Turnaround Tactics

Combat “quiet quitting”

November 10, 2022
What started as a TikTok rant against the “hustle culture” has ricocheted across social media. It’s the latest sign that employees are setting stricter boundaries around the work-life balance.

Women exit in record numbers

October 26, 2022
Female leaders are leaving their companies at the highest rate in years, and the gap between male and female leaders leaving is the largest ever seen, according to Lean In’s 2022 Women in the Workplace Report.

When Stephen King couldn’t catch a break

September 14, 2022
Failure and rejection can be great motivators. In his book On Writing, Stephen King recalls his jubilant collecting of rejection slips.

Stifle your staff’s blame game

March 25, 2022
Technology leader Nickolas Means gave a talk in 2008 about the lessons we can learn from one of the great engineering disasters in history: the partial meltdown of the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor in March 1979.

How to recover lost customers

February 9, 2022
When you lose a major sales account, your best response is to conduct a sales “autopsy” in the hope of finding out why your company didn’t get the order or the contract. By conducting a post-mortem, you may even find a way to win back your customers.

How to come back from a long career fall

September 8, 2021
Even if being fired or laid off feels like failure, once you take some time to get some perspective, you can strategize a new direction.

C.C. Sabathia’s epic career hurdle

August 16, 2021
C.C. Sabathia’s legendary career as a top-flight pitcher wasn’t always based on dominance, but rather consistency and durability.

What brought Marvel back from the dead?

July 14, 2021
In 1996, Marvel Entertainment Group filed for bankruptcy after their stock plummeted from $36 to about $3 in just three years. After several years of jockeying among investors to take control of the company, Marvel partnered with ToyBiz and rose from bankruptcy in 1998 with a new name. Now it was time for a rebirth.

5 tests to see if your influence is fading

June 9, 2021
Author Stacey Hanke has compiled several simple tests for you to keep in mind when evaluating the pull you have with others, especially in situations where you have a live, captive audience.

Bounce back from a mistake

August 13, 2020
Mistakes aren’t fatal, as long as you know how to deal with them in a positive manner. Acknowledging and apologizing for them is only a first step. Here’s how to turn a setback into a step forward.