Risk Management

What if I’m wrong?

October 14, 2022
Bronx-born chef Kwame Onwuachi learned some hard lessons when in 2017 he opened his first high-end Afro-Caribbean restaurant Kith/Kin in Washington, D.C. to rave reviews.

Rethink your attitude toward managing risk

May 12, 2021
Are you managing risk—or is risk managing you? You and your organization won’t get ahead by playing it safe all the time. Ask these questions to gauge your attitude toward risk.

Avoid Twitter backlash

October 1, 2018
Everyone from celebrities to public officials has faced some serious heat for comments they made on Twitter. Regularly police your own account to avoid any fallout. Follow this advice.

Gamble on stupid ideas—and win!

April 3, 2018

In the late 1970s, Richard Fain was stuck on a sinking ship, cargo shipping company Gotaas-Larsen Shipping. Rather than play defense, Fain proposed that the board of directors authorize a major investment in new ships.

Charles Schwab’s tips for novice investors

February 2, 2018

Charles R. Schwab, billionaire and legend in low-cost investing who managed to become a household name, has this advice to investors just starting out.

CEO John Legere is telling it like it is

November 9, 2017

If you’re a business leader, keep an eye on @JohnLegere and other leaders who have chosen to risk backlash by speaking bluntly on social media and putting their faces and words front and center of the company’s public persona.

Bryan Cranston weaves a web

October 4, 2017
When you want something badly, skip the passivity. Pull the strings to maximize your odds of success.

Not all battles are must-win

March 9, 2017
If you feel like you’re fighting a hundred battles, take a reality check.

Settle for safe or take the risk?

September 16, 2015
Fashion icon Anna Wintour is controlled, focused, comfortable with power and averse to errors. Here’s what she learned about risk from longtime Condé Nast chairman Si Newhouse.

Making big money with low risk

July 13, 2015
Curtis Macnguyen, described as “old school,” is a former hedge fund star, and that is not acceptable to him.