Change Management

Change management: Involve employees early to get increased buy-in when making changes

March 10, 2023
Change often scares people. A shift from the familiar generates feelings of uncertainty. The environment one knew how to navigate becomes filled with potential obstacles and hazy outcomes. Organizations can reduce some of this discomfort and boost the likelihood of workers getting on board with changes by bringing them into the mix sooner rather than later.

Change is hard because it should be

December 8, 2021
Change is difficult because it involves reprogramming our brains, writes Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Good change is tough, too. How to deal with it

November 10, 2021
There’s a lot of advice out there about how to deal with change. And rightly so—change is one of life’s most inevitable challenges. It’s also one of the most anxiety-producing; there can be so many unknowns. Even something perceived as positive change can carry with it a significant amount of, well, dread.

Double up to succeed at change

March 10, 2021
Change is often difficult, but it can seem even harder if you have to go it alone. Try these three strategies for pairing up change partners.

Address fears before change

March 10, 2021
Most employees will support change, even on a large scale, if they understand the need for it—and if they don’t see a high personal cost to themselves. Before asking your employees to follow you, analyze how the change will affect them in four areas.

4 tasks you don’t want to skip

February 10, 2021
Leading change is difficult, and it calls for a specific set of strengths and skills from a manager. Focus on these key tasks to make substantive change happen.

ID the players in your change effort

December 9, 2020
Implementing a change means getting your people on board. Hint: Don’t try to convert everyone at once. Identify where three groups of your staff members stand on the change and plot your strategy accordingly.

Be aware of attitudes during upheaval

November 11, 2020
When a major change such as a merger or reorganization is near, employees will initially react to it based largely on how they believe it will affect them personally. Check out the three typical responses and ideas for appealing to the employees they apply to.

Survive a leadership shakeup

October 7, 2020
Protect yourself and your employees when the latest new regime shows up by following this advice.

Trumpet the successful side of change

September 10, 2020
When you’re changing the structure of your group or the way you do things, mine the following areas for good news.