Strategic Leadership

Too many visions hurt Twitter CEO

August 15, 2016

The traits that served Dick Costolo well during Twitter’s early years did not help him once it became a public company. His background did not prepare him to run a huge global business with investors clamoring for stable growth.

Say no to the status quo

August 10, 2016
Tech visionary John Mauchly wrote a paper in 1941 that led to the first modern computer: the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, or ENIAC, a device that used electricity to “think.”

Reinforce what matters most

August 3, 2016
Rob Wilson is president of Employco USA, a human resources outsourcing firm based in Westmont, Ill. An employment expert, Wilson and his team help companies manage a range of HR Functions.

Fight off overconfidence or go bust

July 28, 2016
As CEO of Blockbuster in 2004, John Antioco headed a retail giant. The $6 billion video rental chain earned 60% profit margins with 60,000 employees. But six years later, it went bankrupt.

Why did United Technologies’ CEO quit?

July 27, 2016
If leadership aspirations are too lofty, they can lose all their meaning.

Keeping AmEx grounded top to bottom

July 22, 2016
Ken Chenault knows it’s tough to forge connections with over 50,000 employees. But that doesn’t stop the longtime CEO of American Express from trying.

CEO tackles a global crisis

July 13, 2016
Jim Estill is CEO of Danby, an appliance manufacturer based in Canada. He’s also willing to take a stand on issues outside of his job.

The bully boss strikes back

July 12, 2016
Once a bully, management advisor spent career flipping the script.

4 signs your company’s gone to the dark side

June 30, 2016

Overwhelmed by the expectations of superiors to keep the money rolling in, it’s easy for managers to begin to overlook little ethical lapses. But where does it lead?

Walk in their shoes to show you care

June 14, 2016
A North Carolina judge who sentenced a retired Special Forces Green Beret sergeant to a night in jail was so worried about how the veteran would cope that he spent the night in the lockup with him.