Visionary Leadership

Strategic thinking: Get in the mindset

May 12, 2021
Leaders set strategies for their teams and organizations, but strategic thinking takes time, energy, and inspiration. To do it efficiently, try these techniques.

7 steps to a great strategic plan

February 10, 2021
A strategic plan sets the direction of an organization or team. It doesn’t have to be lengthy or complex, but the best ones usually include these specific elements.

How leaders can focus on meeting 2021’s challenges

February 10, 2021
As a the new year begins to take shape amid much economic uncertainty, companies that successfully navigated 2020’s turbulence can’t rest, and they need engaged, forward-thinking leaders who can keep adjusting and focusing on the right factors in a volatile business environment.

Invest resources in the right goals

January 13, 2021
People may be your most important asset, but you’re responsible for managing all your resources wisely: time, money, attention, equipment, etc. You don’t want to waste resources on projects that won’t repay the investment. Here’s how to allocate your efforts wisely.

Evaluating the viability of AI in the workplace

January 13, 2021
Here are three key considerations corporate leaders will need to address to craft—and progressively strengthen—flourishing company cultures in which humans and AI systems are able to work in tandem.

How to prepare your team for uncertainty in 2021

December 9, 2020
Tips for you as a leader, for your employees and for your organization.

To set better goals, begin at the end

December 9, 2020
Like a road map, a well-defined goal tells you where to go and how to get there.

Prep for opposition and resistance to your proposals

September 10, 2020
Making an important proposal is difficult enough—but you also need to anticipate roadblocks. Think ahead realistically about your likely opposition and plan accordingly.

Your cheat sheet to build a great conference

September 10, 2020
A survey of executives by Successful Meetings magazine yielded the following checklist of must-haves for building attendance and satisfying attendees that their money and time were well spent.

Perspective is everything

April 9, 2020
A group of managers who had never taken the time to understand the technical aspects of their company’s product line took a tour of the plant. They were making obnoxious jokes about the manufacturing mentality until their guide decided to challenge them.