Strategic Leadership

Avoid these errors, and gain respect

December 9, 2020
Leaders are human, and they make mistakes. Most aren’t catastrophic, but even small errors can grow to dangerous proportions if you don’t cut them off quickly. Pay attention to these common missteps before they trip you up.

When to end the debate and make the decision

November 25, 2020
Most of your managerial decisions involving your group call for negotiation, multiple viewpoints, and lots of discussion. However, at what point should you, as the discussion leader, end the debate and move ahead to a decision? Use these three criteria to decide when it’s cutoff time.

Be aware of attitudes during upheaval

November 11, 2020
When a major change such as a merger or reorganization is near, employees will initially react to it based largely on how they believe it will affect them personally. Check out the three typical responses and ideas for appealing to the employees they apply to.

Be charitable, but be vigilant

November 11, 2020
Office drives to raise money for charities aiding disaster victims around the world are surely worthwhile. However, to make sure that your and your employees’ efforts and dollars are put to good use, check out charities before you trust them.

There’s a C-suite–worker disconnect

November 11, 2020
Global Web Index alongside Vimeo conducted a survey that examines the effect remote work has had on employee productivity, efficiency, and engagement.

Survive a leadership shakeup

October 7, 2020
Protect yourself and your employees when the latest new regime shows up by following this advice.

Study: COVID creates leadership gap

October 7, 2020
A new study from Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning found that requirements in all industries have rapidly shifted, resulting in a widening gap between those leaders equipped for those new realities and those who are not.

Plans need a warning mechanism

September 10, 2020
Suppose that you’re leading a major project for your group. You have a plan, and of course you’re committed to it—but are you too committed? Have you built in a way to alert yourself when your plan might need revising once the project is underway? Here’s what to do.

Prep for opposition and resistance to your proposals

September 10, 2020
Making an important proposal is difficult enough—but you also need to anticipate roadblocks. Think ahead realistically about your likely opposition and plan accordingly.

Trumpet the successful side of change

September 10, 2020
When you’re changing the structure of your group or the way you do things, mine the following areas for good news.