Strategic Leadership

Invest resources in the right goals

January 13, 2021
People may be your most important asset, but you’re responsible for managing all your resources wisely: time, money, attention, equipment, etc. You don’t want to waste resources on projects that won’t repay the investment. Here’s how to allocate your efforts wisely.

Evaluating the viability of AI in the workplace

January 13, 2021
Here are three key considerations corporate leaders will need to address to craft—and progressively strengthen—flourishing company cultures in which humans and AI systems are able to work in tandem.

The positives and negatives of revealing a positive test

December 9, 2020
Q: I tested positive for COVID-19 while in a long stretch of working remotely. All of us at the company are telecommuting through the winter, so I’m safely quarantined. They don’t know I’ve been stricken. Should I tell them? What would you do?

Decisions, decisions

December 9, 2020
Some days they come at you fast and furious. You need to prioritize your decisions and tackle them in some kind of rational order.

ID the players in your change effort

December 9, 2020
Implementing a change means getting your people on board. Hint: Don’t try to convert everyone at once. Identify where three groups of your staff members stand on the change and plot your strategy accordingly.

Hiring a consultant? Take these precautions before you sign

December 9, 2020
Sometimes the best person to solve a major, organization-wide problem is an outsider who’s free of the assumptions and preconceptions that can cloud your judgment. Hiring a consultant gives you access to new ideas and a wider range of experience, but you can’t just pick one randomly. Make the best choice by following these guidelines.

How to prepare your team for uncertainty in 2021

December 9, 2020
Tips for you as a leader, for your employees and for your organization.

To set better goals, begin at the end

December 9, 2020
Like a road map, a well-defined goal tells you where to go and how to get there.

Avoid these errors, and gain respect

December 9, 2020
Leaders are human, and they make mistakes. Most aren’t catastrophic, but even small errors can grow to dangerous proportions if you don’t cut them off quickly. Pay attention to these common missteps before they trip you up.

When to end the debate and make the decision

November 25, 2020
Most of your managerial decisions involving your group call for negotiation, multiple viewpoints, and lots of discussion. However, at what point should you, as the discussion leader, end the debate and move ahead to a decision? Use these three criteria to decide when it’s cutoff time.