Change Management

GM, retooling its leadership

January 11, 2010

Looks like General Motors plans to become even more aggressive in attempting a turnaround with the resignation of Frederick “Fritz” Henderson. The carmaker’s board sees Chairman Edward Whitacre, interim CEO and a former chief at AT&T, as a proactive outsider who has more experience with government oversight, mergers and acquisitions. GM also is looking outside for a new CEO—a dramatic cultural change.

Change management: Finding and leading your tribe

December 11, 2009

It’s not hard to find tribes. They’re all around us: in church, at work and in the community. They’ve existed for probably thousands of years, but thanks to the Internet, tribes—from red hats to coffee drinkers to sports fans—are now easily identified and led, says marketing guru Seth Godin. To lead a tribe, ask yourself three questions:

Jumping from the frying pan … ?

December 1, 2005
If the people at your new job are ridiculously happy to see you, beware. You’ve just inherited a big mess. As early as the interview stage, you may see warnings. Look for problems like these.