Change Management

The flattened hierarchy lives

January 22, 2014
Eileen Fisher’s line of radically simple clothing has a pretty radical leadership structure.

Sound alarm to abandon status quo

November 12, 2013
To convey your message with urgency, find a way to break through employees’ inertia. Take a cue from Stephen Elop, who became Nokia’s CEO in 2010.

Jeff Immelt’s leadership by fiat

November 7, 2013

GE chairman and chief executive Jeffrey Immelt is famously at ease. Occasionally, he simply issues an order. When done in moderation, Immelt says, leadership by fiat can drive change.

Lego’s new mantra: Simplify

November 7, 2013

In the family-owned Lego toymaker, innovation over time had brought on way too much complexity. Enough was enough.

Creative ways to gain group buy-in

October 29, 2013
Change can prove threatening to em­­ployees. They might view the near future as an unwelcome disruption to their familiar routine. To pry open their minds, instruct your team to pretend the future has already occurred.

Reddy to go mobile

October 28, 2013
As director of online operations for Facebook India, Kirthiga Reddy is all mobile all the time.

UPS looks back to go forward

August 16, 2013
In the late 1990s, UPS executives realized that the company’s model wasn’t working. To explain large-scale innovations, they turned to breakthroughs of the past: from bicycle deliveries to trucks, from ground service to air freight, from paper tracking to a web-based system.

Show leadership the ‘first 10 days’

August 8, 2013
Given the general acceleration of things, the “first 100 days” as a measure of an executive’s effectiveness, first used in 1933, has sped up. So how would that work for a new CEO?

Is it time to make bold changes?

April 16, 2013
To launch a change campaign, start by assessing the present situation and then using it as a basis for crafting a better future. At least that’s what most experts would have advised a decade ago. The new strategy is to begin by envisioning the kind of future you want for your organization.

Apple’s new CEO ripe for success

January 4, 2013

In 2011, Tim Cook replaced the late Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple. Since then, the 52-year-old has gradually established himself as a leader in his own right.