Change Management

4 common pitfalls to dodge

September 3, 2020
Change is necessary to every organization’s successful growth, but it rarely happens as smoothly as we’d like. Be prepared to deal with these common obstacles.

Relocating? Address these issues

February 13, 2020
Rent isn’t the only factor to consider when you move your business to a new location. As you’re scouting out potential addresses, keep these questions in mind.

2 mistakes when managing change

November 20, 2019
According to a study by Zenger/Folkman, a leadership development consultancy, if you want to successfully lead a change, avoid doing the following.

Inflection points: Beware, prepare

September 12, 2019
An inflection point is defined as a time of significant change, a turning point. Professor Rita McGrath explores how to better identify, prepare for and respond to them.

Solve strife to sell change

August 15, 2017
“I thought about what I had seen as a manager—what worked and didn’t work—and set three objectives for the integration: we’d get past the internal politics, we’d listen to all points of view and we’d make sure our senior folks were visible in all three departments—open and accessible to everyone.”

Start a transformation with a big goal

August 28, 2015
In 2000, Julio Linares became CEO of Spain’s dominant telecom company, Telefónica de España. With the com­pany’s earnings and cash flow in a deep dive, he knew he needed to implement changes immediately.

Pepsi CEO plows ahead amid resistance

July 29, 2015
As a senior executive at Pepsi in 1992, Craig Weatherup realized his company’s core product—cola—was losing its luster. Years of lagging sales indicated that consumers’ interest had peaked and they weren’t going to buy more cola regardless of Pepsi’s marketing efforts …

Is it time to dump some assumptions?

May 7, 2015
Andrew McAfee of MIT’s Sloan School of Management calculates that half of our current jobs will be automated out of existence. So how should leaders respond? Accenture CEO Pierre Nanterme says they need to dump some assumptions.

Apply the FIRE approach to change

April 15, 2015
When leading a change campaign, there’s a sensible way you and your team can withstand forces beyond your control and keep advancing toward your goal.

6 steps to lead employees through change

April 14, 2015
As a leader, you know the value and necessity of change, and it’s your job to lead your staff through it. Here are the steps to take to ease the pain of the unfamiliar.