The plane ride that sparked jet travel

June 14, 2010
In 1950, Boeing President Bill Allen flew in a B-47 jet … and the commercial air industry was never the same. The jet airliner that Boeing later developed under Allen became the Boeing 707, which became the mainstay of jet airline travel well into the 1990s. The lesson: Vision + wise investment = success.

GM CEO creating a new generation

May 17, 2010
In updating General Motors’ plodding company culture, CEO Edward E. Whitacre Jr. is trying to make the company more nimble—in a makeover akin to converting a family wagon into a Corvette.

Amazon asks the right questions

May 14, 2010

The success of Amazon points to the importance of building a business with the capability to transform itself. Shorter business life cycles are one reason organizations must focus on transformation. The challenge for leaders, says Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, is not to know all the answers, but to ask the right questions.

Henry Ford: putting people first

April 12, 2010

Henry Ford is credited as an innovator in manufacturing but he also led American industry toward modern employee-satisfaction techniques. In 1910, for example, Ford created a sociology department that conducted research on employees’ social attitudes and what affected their loyalty.

As CEO of Cleveland Clinic, surgeon operates smoothly

April 12, 2010

Policymakers can learn plenty about health care from Delos Cosgrove, CEO of the Cleveland Clinic, a hospital consistently ranked as one of the best in the world. Business leaders also can learn from the longtime surgeon who walks the talk on diet and exercise and took a crash course in management to transition to CEO. Here are a few of Cosgrove’s secrets:

Amazing Grace: It takes a team

March 12, 2010

At a time when women were expected to concern themselves solely with housekeeping and children, and when computers were the province of pointy-headed mathematicians, Grace Hopper helped guide the budding computer industry after World War II and went on to revolutionize it. Hopper stood at the core of the computer revolution by 1960 and guided the development of COBOL, which remains the most successful computer programming language.

Iacocca on leadership: Tell the truth

February 12, 2010

Lee Iacocca’s book “Where have all the leaders gone?” came out in 2007, but his “Nine C’s of Leadership,” are more relevant today than ever. The former president of Ford and Chrysler warns leaders to tell the truth, even when painful. “When you spin, people stop listening.”

Making dollars and sense of small biz

February 12, 2010

Anybody can launch a blog. That’s easy. It’s what you have to say and how you say it that matter. Anita Campbell became a dot-com CEO and now runs a blog at Because she’s so obsessed with small business news and trends, Campbell didn’t stand around waiting for somebody to hand her a megaphone. Instead, she went out and got one of her own.

Rising exec leverages her skills

February 12, 2010

In picking Min Cho as one of its top female business leaders for last year, the Washington Business Journal noted that she has exploited two valuable assets to re-engineer Nova Datacom, an IT security company: her knowledge and her connections.

Guy Kawasaki’s golden rules

February 12, 2010

Guy Kawasaki made a name for himself as the second software “evangelist” at Apple Computer, convincing others to create software for the new Macintosh from 1983 to 1987.  He recently shared with students at Wharton’s business school his “Ten Commandments” for creating something of value for customers. While he advises to “ignore bozos,” he also admits to being a bozo himself—once making a decision that cost him $2 billion…