Leadership Profiles

Jane Addams: ‘truest American’

March 1, 2008
Jane Addams may not be a name you recognize, but she served as one of America’s most influential women and was the first American woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize. Ahead of her time during the “Gilded Age,” she established Chicago’s Hull House, an inner-city community center prototype. Much of her work became the basis for new laws on child labor, juvenile justice, unemployment insurance and elder care. 

Bill Marriott: folksy and fair

September 1, 2007
Like many leaders, Bill Marriott, the 78-year-old chairman and chief executive of Marriott International, finds it difficult to find time for rest and relaxation. His vacations don’t last more than a week, and then he’s off to check on his hotels. He visits about 300 a year. Besides being restless and exacting, Marriott also possesses these other marks of a leader …

A bit of inspiration for slow starters

October 1, 2006
Baseball legend Willie Mays went 1 for his first 26 at-bats in the majors.