Dying request spurs Medifast’s growth

February 25, 2016
When Michael MacDonald took a call from his brother in 2011, he didn’t know that the conversation would change his life.

Decade atop IBM takes toll on CEO

February 19, 2016
Reflecting on his decade as CEO of IBM, Sam Palmisano gains some valuable insights on leadership.

Firm’s storied past creates continuity

February 13, 2016
If you lead an organization with a storied past, use that past to inspire your team. Cite the ex­­cep­­­tional leadership that preceded you.

Jack Ma: ‘The Steve Jobs of China’

February 12, 2016
Jack Ma is China’s richest man. He’s founder of Alibaba, an e-commerce titan that’s expanding into a global brand.

2 lessons from tech’s leaders

February 6, 2016

The information technology industry idolizes its leaders. And why not? Its leaders include Bill Gates, Andy Grove and Steve Jobs.

The 5 balls Deloitte’s CEO juggles

February 5, 2016
As CEO of Deloitte, a global consulting firm, Cathy Engelbert doesn’t gloss over the challenges of her job. Instead, she’s refreshingly blunt about it.

Salesforce CEO walks the walk for equal pay

February 3, 2016
Some leaders speak out about issues related to fairness and social justice. But only a few follow through.

Walton built Walmart by listening

January 28, 2016

Some CEOs talk more than they listen. They bark orders, tell self-aggrandizing stories and show off their knowledge. True leaders prefer to extract knowledge from others. They ask questions in a friendly, engaging manner.

Leadership yin and yang drive success

January 27, 2016
If you ask Doug Tieman to describe his leadership style, he’ll give you two answers. When he wants to inspire employees to excel, he sees himself as a cheerleader. But when crises erupt and he seeks to reassure an anxious workforce, he acts like a mule skinner.

Delta takes flight again with new CEO

January 15, 2016
Like other airlines, Delta Air Lines was struggling to stay afloat after the 9/11 attacks disrupted air travel. They needed a new leader.