Leadership Development

Better to fly high than not at all

March 8, 2012
Anne Stevens was the first board member at Lockheed Martin who took a flight in an F-16 with the chief test pilot. “I actually took control of the plane, did loops and rolls, and then the pilot pulled nine Gs,” she says. “I was the only woman he was able to pull nine Gs with.”

Happiness and the bottom line

March 5, 2012
By fostering positive mindsets, a leader can boost productivity, creativity, engagement—just about every performance measure, according to research. Yet “happiness” isn’t well understood as a performance driver.

Leadership Tips: Vol. 312

March 1, 2012
First, find your bearings: “What is the first question a sailor asks when he is in trouble?” a sea captain asks. “What he asks is, ‘Where am I?’”

6 ways to draw readers in

March 1, 2012
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Handle life’s storms like a buffalo

February 29, 2012
New success guru Rory Vaden noticed that life’s little conveniences undermine people’s willingness to do the tough things that need to be done. Lesson: Handle life’s storms head on, like the buffalo do.

Wanted: Realistic optimism

February 28, 2012
What attribute is most needed by ­leaders today? “Realistic optimism,” according to Justin Menkes, an expert in evaluating C-suite executives and author of Better Under Pressure.

How top CEOs get so much done

February 14, 2012

Here are some surprising ways a few of the big chiefs stay so productive: Drop what you’re doing and sleep … Fire your assistant … Be consistent … Pick up a challenging habit or train for a triathlon … Give people half the time they request … Focus on handshakes, not contracts.

Despite everything, stay positive

February 9, 2012
While it’s valuable—and fun—to listen to the positive coaches, mentors and friends in your life, it’s also imperative to ignore the downers, says master marketer Jerry Acuff.

Add new dimension to your game

February 8, 2012
NFL Hall of Famer John Mackey, as a tight end for the Baltimore Colts, made his mark on professional football. He used his outstanding speed to add an extra dimension to offensive play, taking the tight end position—until then mainly a vehicle for blocking and short passes—and turning himself a constant threat for the long touchdown pass.

Leadership Tips: Vol. 212

February 3, 2012
Garrett Camp, co-founder of the Internet utility StumbleUpon, which helps discover websites that match your interests, tweeted his approach to new product development. He says not to get hung up on potential problems: “When in doubt, proceed.”