Leadership Development

Sound Bites: July ’20

June 24, 2020
Delivering bad news? Take this three-pronged approach … Urge staffers to settle disputes on their own … Ask job candidates about past conflicts … Say “Thanks” in person

Leadership Tips, Vol. 0720

June 10, 2020
Control your time … Take this test to measure staff alignment

7 secrets to success

May 14, 2020
When people ponder what makes an effective leader, sometimes they get caught up in style at the expense of substance. A strong handshake and commanding voice are nice qualities, but they don’t guarantee management success.

Leadership Tips, Vol. 0620

May 14, 2020
Big change starts with your supervisors … Before sending that important email, read it out loud

Banish your own negativity

April 22, 2020
Negative behavior can be changed! It just takes training and practice. The key is analyzing your behavior, planning a change, and implementing it consistently. Try these five steps.

Assess your leadership

April 9, 2020
Are you a good leader? The more of these traits that apply to you, the better you’re performing (just be honest).

To lead, change your attitude

April 9, 2020
While technique is important to successful leadership, your attitude is just as important. Organizational expert Robert E. Quinn suggests several ways of approaching your obligations as a leader.

Power up your responses

April 8, 2020
Some words—no matter how trivial they seem—can make you look less sure, professional and capable. Make these small tweaks in your language to appear more confident and competent.

Act and look like a leader: It’s easy

April 7, 2020
You have to command respect from the people around you, whether they are upper-level managers or your own employees. Practice and cultivate these leadership behaviors.

Considering a retreat? Ask 3 questions

March 11, 2020
Before you start planning one, decide whether a retreat is right for you. Dave Jennings, president of the consulting and training firm Business Acumen, Inc., poses the following three questions.