Leadership Development

Set an example for your stars

December 9, 2020
Let these three principles guide you as you lead your A team.

Give new managers effective guidance

December 9, 2020
New managers who report to you may be nervous and uncertain. One good way to start building their confidence and skills is to help them develop a good working relationship with you so they know what to expect from their future bosses. Spell out your expectations in three steps.

Be assertive, not aggressive

December 9, 2020
Here’s how to be assertive without coming off as an ogre.

Help rookie supervisors succeed

December 9, 2020
Being a supervisor is tough, and being a new supervisor is especially tough. If you manage supervisors or plan to promote employees to supervisory positions, these tactics will help you initiate them into management more easily and effectively.

Jeff Bezos: Call it work/life harmony

December 9, 2020
I know if I am energized at work, happy at work, feeling like I’m adding value, part of a team, whatever energizes you, that makes me better at home. Likewise, if I’m happy at home, it makes me a better employee, a better boss.

Leadership Tips, Vol. 0121

December 9, 2020
Soften the blow of criticism … Don’t react impulsively to an employee’s careless error … Don’t know how to pronounce a name? Ask … Never let your phone voicemail tell the caller that it is “full”

1-Minute Strategies: January ’21

December 2, 2020
Completing a task sent to you via email? Don’t be too quick to say “Done!” … Fun via Zoom isn’t always easy  … Tell your supplies manager you have a special request … What is Kaprekar’s constant? … Getting together during the COVID winter takes creativity … Lock, stock and barrel

Don’t outgrow your roots

November 11, 2020
Being promoted or moving ahead brings new demands. But don’t move so fast that you abandon the relationships you’ve built. Though you’ll make new contacts, the odds are good that you’ll need your old contacts as well. Keep these groups in mind.

Are you on an ethical path?

November 11, 2020
The decisions you make not only have to be good for business, they should be ethical as well. To make that happen, you’ve got to think through every decision and be sure you cover the relevant ethical issues. These questions, based on a checklist, can help you provide the appropriate level of scrutiny.

Put these leadership skills to work

November 11, 2020
A great leader is a manager who supports his or her employees and is willing to give up some control by letting employees make their own decisions. Focus on cultivating these traits in your own performance to become an effective leader.