Leadership Development

The passion of the bad forklift driver

October 11, 2018
Is your pride a thing you sometimes guard too fiercely? Are you willing to risk some of it to achieve more?

The beauty of the rolling stone

October 11, 2018
Change doesn’t happen to us. It happens for us. By choice. It’s what keeps us fueled and energized.

This one question will buy you time and peace

October 11, 2018
A manageable life is about instinctively knowing what to take on and what to set aside, but very few of us have a firm hand when it comes to rejecting time-wasting or soul-depleting tasks and obligations.

Your leadership image test of the day

October 11, 2018
When you get into your car this evening, do a quick bumper sticker audit.

3 good ways to begin your workday, 3 good ways to end it

October 4, 2018
Want to reach a higher state of calm and efficiency? Frame that long difficult shift with completely positive vibes.

6 better conversation starters

September 26, 2018
To build more meaningful relationships, skip the idle chit chat, and spark some deeper conversation. Ask these questions instead.

Desperate times call for desperate mediations

September 13, 2018
Q. Two people who work for me have an extreme personality conflict going back a couple of years. I think it’s irreparable. Separating them is impractical; they represent the entirety of their division. What should I do?

5 management strategies for introverts

September 13, 2018
“I can’t do this job quite as well as others,” you might think if you’re an introvert, because I’ll never be as assertive, outgoing or friendly as it requires sometimes.” Dr. Nancy Goldman of New York University won’t let you dwell on these supposed shortcomings.

Why being interrupted is most likely your fault

September 6, 2018
Most people believe they get interrupted because that is simply how the interrupting person behaves. In reality, the blame more often lies with the speaker rather than the interrupter.

12 success tips inspired by Grandpa Charlie

August 28, 2018
Many people, including those in leadership positions, tend to overthink things. My grandfather, fortunately was not one of them. I’ve codified the wisdom Grandpa Charlie passed down to me, and a glimpse of this knowledge is here. It’s a set of strategies leaders should remind themselves of from time to time.