Leadership Development

Leadership Tips, Vol. 217

January 12, 2017
The importance of acknowledging luck … Show them some perspective … When CEOs are blamed

The importance of being lazy

January 5, 2017
Microsoft’s July Larson-Green admits she’s lazy.

Jackie Robinson on bitterness

December 30, 2016
Don Newcombe remembers how Robinson framed the challenge facing African-American baseball players.

Ferret out your insecurities

December 23, 2016
Personal insecurity can rob you of leadership, but it’s hard to recognize because it often hides in a blind spot.

Indians phenom finally gets recognition

December 22, 2016
As recently as 2014, Cleveland Indians pitcher Corey Kluber said he was never—not ever—recognized outside northern Ohio.

Leadership Tips, Vol. 1216

December 6, 2016
The F*** You Rule … Executives and psychopathy … Millennials and swearing

Avoid coaching burnout with frank talk

December 5, 2016
You enter into a coaching relationship with enthusiasm. But over time, the fire can go out—and you dread what you initially enjoyed.

Ditch advice to move your stars around

November 30, 2016
Q: I have a budding star who I’m grooming for a senior role here. I keep hearing I should move him around to different jobs, exposing him to new challenges. But he loves his current job, and he’s outperforming everybody. Why change what works so well?

To the calm and collected go glory

November 30, 2016
As an Army pilot, Jack Ouellette realized he needed to stay calm, make incremental corrections and show patience.

Leaders think it’s never good enough

November 29, 2016
Want to make history? Want to win? It’s not talent or skills that matter as much as these two attributes.