Leadership Development

Grace your text with a lasting gloss

October 31, 2019
For your image as a thorough professional, these tips from EEI Communications’ “How to Produce Winning Publications on Time and on Budget” are vital when putting the finishing touches on business (and even personal) communication.

7 tips to cut the stress

October 23, 2019
Doing more with less has been the obstacle for many organizations, entrepreneurs and employees. Here are seven tips to help you be more productive while eliminating the downsides.

Keep your composure: Here’s how

October 23, 2019
Composure is one of the best qualities you can have. When you remain composed, you stay in control of your emotions and the situation, leading you to make better decisions. When you feel yourself losing your cool, use one of these techniques.

Harness the power of the thank-you note

October 11, 2019
If the last time you remember penning an actual thank-you note was at age 10 when your mother insisted you couldn’t spend the birthday money Aunt Helen sent until you wrote one, you’re missing out on a simple way to connect with others—and enhance your own life.

Who’s on your ‘reinvention board’?

October 10, 2019
Is it time for a new job? What about a whole new career? Sound daunting? In the book The 10 Laws of Career Reinvention, author Pamela Mitchell walks us through the process of career reinvention.

Sharpen your storytelling prowess

October 10, 2019
Whether you’re giving a presentation or just trying to punch up your business writing, narrative is a powerful and essential tool.

Say what? 3 translation tools

October 7, 2019
Try these 3 translation resources.

What your hands are revealing about you

October 4, 2019
In discussions of body language, the hands are often overlooked; more emphasis is frequently given to posture, the face or the position of the shoulders. Joe Navarro discusses the messages that hands can send in an article for Psychology Today.

Brainy tech tips to manage stress and productivity on the go

October 1, 2019
The next time stress threatens to launch us into orbit, the following tips may bring balance back into our life and keep us grounded.

Strategies for a long commute

September 12, 2019
Can there be any upsides to commuting? Well … maybe. There are certainly ways to take better advantage of that time.