Leadership Development

3 steps to generate great ideas

July 15, 2016
Say you want to gather your team to brainstorm to solve a problem. If you start by talking up your preferred solution, you may stifle the group’s creative input. Instead, show that you’re open to everyone’s ideas.

Why ‘Everybody didn’t Love Raymond’

July 15, 2016
Soon after Brad Garrett won the part of Ray Romano’s brother in the sitcom Every­­body Loves Raymond, he met Romano for the first time. He wasn’t impressed.

The one thing all CEOs should know

July 8, 2016
Know when to step up—and when to step back.

What’s behind leadership grit?

July 7, 2016
The concept of “grit”—a combination of perseverance and passion that underlie a person’s success—has been floating around for some time.

The complete 9-point leader tune-up

June 27, 2016

Ready to become a slightly different person than the one who walked in the door this morning? Let’s go from head to toe, stem to stern, and give you a 9-point leadership tune-up to shape your image into something a little more impactful than the job title etched on your door.

The deeply uncomfortable questions fearless leaders ask themselves

June 21, 2016

So you want everything that comes with making the big time in the working world? That includes the kind of introspection that makes a lot of people nervous. Pour yourself a glass of something nice right now and find a comfortable chair in a quiet place—no matter how close you are to the top, you need to ask yourself each of these questions.

When leaders lead too much

June 20, 2016
There’s a big difference between an organization that’s leadership-centric and leader-centric. And it all depends on you.

Admitting ignorance led to creativity

June 14, 2016
After launching Blue Bottle Coffee in 2002, James Freeman has grown it into a high-end retailer with popular urban cafes.

4 steps to lift poor performers

June 3, 2016
Turn a mediocre performer into a star by following a four-step process.

Clarify who calls the shots

May 28, 2016
In big organizations, top leaders often are too far removed from the customer and day-to-day operations to make the right decisions.