Walk the line between assertive and aggressive

November 3, 2021
Many of us would like to be more assertive, and not just at work. Joaquín Selva gives concrete advice in an article for Positive Psychology.

How many phones can you afford to lose? The importance of respect

September 8, 2021
Courtesy, professionalism and respect: another form of CPR that saves lives.

A tale of two $150 million+ gifts

August 16, 2021
Which type of person are you—the type who would ask for your name to be pounded into the pages of history as a condition of a gift, or the type who would make such a grand offering anonymously?

The sweet spot of leadership

August 16, 2021
Don’t measure yourself or your staff against unattainable leadership qualities; you’ll always come up short. Here are the two most vital leadership characteristics.

Power corrupts—but not you. How to not be evil

July 14, 2021
“I’m never going to be like that guy,” is something we’ve all told ourselves as we passed a particularly feared executive in the hallway. But how did that guy become who he is, and who’s to say it can’t happen to us?

Recognize abrasiveness before it takes root

May 12, 2021
Unfortunately, managers sometimes fall into acting abrasively, which generally means intimidating employees. Workplace pressures may push you into similar behavior unless you recognize the intellectual and emotional patterns that lead in this direction. Check out these three common perceptions and see if they apply to you.

Respect: How to earn it (and keep it)

April 14, 2021
You might have the formal authority of a leader, but you won’t get the results you want unless you’re able to earn your employees’ respect. Here’s how to show your team that you’re someone who deserves to lead.

Adopt a selfless attitude

January 13, 2021
Being a good leader is a selfless task—literally. You have to put your organization’s objectives above your own, and that means putting other people’s abilities and contributions first.

Be assertive, not aggressive

December 9, 2020
Here’s how to be assertive without coming off as an ogre.

Don’t outgrow your roots

November 11, 2020
Being promoted or moving ahead brings new demands. But don’t move so fast that you abandon the relationships you’ve built. Though you’ll make new contacts, the odds are good that you’ll need your old contacts as well. Keep these groups in mind.