Is the Internet dumbing you down?

July 9, 2010
You may remember a stir about two years ago over whether the Internet is “making us stupid.” Now that question is being explored in long form, through a book that looks into the issue. And a book is just the point.

The value of strengthening your skills

June 5, 2010
A statewide leadership program in Kansas is training people how to get things done. Bob Sage is a case in point. Promoted to police chief of Rose Hill in 2002, he wanted to learn new ways to teach and lead. “Cops are alpha males, and everyone is trying to be leader of the pack,” he says. “You tend to have a real dominant personality.” The Kansas Community Leadership Initiative taught him different ways people learn and various approaches to lead them.

5 traits of the most admired leaders

May 17, 2010
Among the many things I like about our group coaching program, Next Level Leadership, my favorite is when high-potential leader participants share with each other what they learned in their senior-executive shadow days. I’ve kept notes about the senior executive traits that the group coaching participants admire the most. Here are five traits of that show up on the list again and again:

Lending a hand to younger leaders

May 13, 2010
In preparing the second edition of his book, The Next Level, leadership coach Scott Eblin will be offering new ways to handle specific situations and adding new perspectives on global business. Last year, Eblin met Frances Reimers, communications and program manager for Sister Cities International, who has great advice for young professionals moving into leadership:

First step toward leadership: ownership

April 12, 2010

One day at about 2 p.m., David Silverman had an “Aha!” moment. He and his two-person staff hadn’t eaten lunch yet. Silverman didn’t care about lunch. He was focused on their project, which for the first time felt like his project. For the first time, Silverman felt like an executive. In truth, however, he had taken only the first step toward leadership: ownership.

Is it easier being the leader?

February 12, 2010

Leading is easier than not leading, says Eric Greitens, Navy SEAL, 12-time marathoner, college professor, boxer, White House fellow and humanitarian. The combat veteran used his combat pay and a few vets to launch The Mission Continues, which trains wounded service members for leadership. More than 30 vets have been through the program. Greitens’ goal: 100 wounded or disabled vets as fellows this year.

Those who can lead, teach

January 11, 2010

What connects Nobel-Prize winning economist Paul Samuelson and NBA championship coach Phil Jackson? Fair question. Both became experts in their chosen fields and benefited from the teachings of others. They both, in turn, dedicated significant portions of their careers to refining what they learned and then passing those lessons on to others.

Team-building ideas: Rx for coaching your team to greatness

December 11, 2009

Well-supported teams receive the information, training and rewards they need to keep chugging along. Here are four prescriptions for coaching your team:

Help people see through a wider lens

May 1, 2006
An experiment at Cornell University showed just how much power leaders have to determine what people notice … and what they miss.