Apple U. taps more academia

April 1, 2013
Never happy with convention, Steve Jobs created Apple University to mold MBAs in his company’s image. His first hire was Joel Podolny, dean of the Yale School of Management. Podolny then hired Harvard University’s Richard Tedlow, a leading business historian. Now Apple has hired Morten Hansen, co-author of Great by Choice.

Secrets of a mentor to future CEOs

January 24, 2013
In his 15 years as CEO of ICICI Bank, K.V. Kamath says he spent 30% of his time mentoring employees. The 65-year-old native of India views mentoring as a natural part of communicating with high-potential subordinates.

5 steps to giving effective feedback

January 16, 2013

You give instructions, but people don’t follow your lead. The solution is to prepare so that you provide supportive, timely coaching. Follow these five steps to pave the way for effective coaching.

4 traits that foster trust

November 2, 2012

If you’re advising a new manager to succeed, start by establishing guiding principles. Groom your managers to evolve into dynamic leaders by helping them develop these four skills and attitudes.

Turn mistakes into opportunities

January 5, 2012
Leaders who excel at developing ­talent use every opportunity to squeeze in a learning moment. ­Mistakes, especially, are a prime ­opportunity.

Girl Scout pioneer teaches all to lead

May 4, 2011
Frances Hesselbein, who led the Girls Scouts of the USA from 1976 to 1990, was named the “Best Nonprofit Manager in America” by Fortune magazine. But what makes her truly remarkable as a leader isn’t that so many people think of her as an outstanding leader. What’s exceptional is the way she gets others to think of themselves as leaders.

Coach people from the inside out

February 3, 2011
When you’re coaching or mentoring, focus on removing interference. Look at the person you’re coaching in terms of what’s inside that you can help get out. Focus on where they want to go and what’s getting in the way. Ask yourself, “Am I reducing interference or increasing it?”

Creating a can-do culture

December 17, 2010

Today’s football players at J.E.B. Stuart High School now come from Jordan, Bolivia, Morocco, Sudan and about 80 other countries. Football culture is new to many of these boys, some of whom quit every year because they can’t figure out why coaches yell at them. Still, coach Roy Ferri teaches them to win—to bury bad attitudes, to stop making excuses and to emerge victorious.

Keep a tight hold on top talent

October 29, 2010

Getting good employees these days may seem like shooting fish in a barrel, but keeping the best people never has been and never will be easy. A full quarter of your highest-potential employees may plan to jump ship within a year. Mistakes to avoid:

After you make the wrong call

July 9, 2010

Some mistakes are memorable not because they provide pyrotechnics but because they show character. Case in point: Major league umpire Jim Joyce this summer made the most important call of his career, and it was wrong. His mistake cost Detroit’s pitcher Armando Galarraga a perfect game. After reviewing the video, Joyce immediately admitted that he’d blown the call.