Emotional Intelligence

Quit hanging onto resentment

July 9, 2010
Leaders are not immune to resentment, but it’s been said that holding onto a grudge is like taking poison and hoping the other person will die. Instead of focusing on what you would change in somebody else, turn your attention to what needs to change in you. First steps:

A word to the wise on enforcing rules

June 14, 2010

Part of being a leader is the ability to sort the important from the unimportant. Case in point: U.S. Army generals’ tolerance of Harvey Gough, a colorful Texan whose patriotism and generosity are exceeded only by his tendency to flout the rules.

Go ahead, reveal your true colors

May 17, 2010

Like the color magenta? Apparently, many leaders do. Among 900 CEOs who took a one-minute online personality test based on color preferences, the purplish-pink hue arose as a part of a profile that stands out clearly from about 750,000 others who’ve tried the test.

12 ways to burnish your leadership

April 12, 2010

Whether or not the marketplace has you feeling backed into a corner, ask yourself several strategic questions. For starters: What’s the most important thing? There’s no right or wrong answer, but your market may have changed. Spot it and hit the reset button.

You can be a better leader than you are

March 17, 2010

Joseph Plumeri, chairman and chief executive of insurance brokerage Willis Group Holdings, once was a command-and-control leader. “Being too exciting and too motivational is overbearing, and it turns people off,” he says. So he revamped his leadership style to focus on collaboration and debate.

Leadership Tips: Vol. 310

March 12, 2010

Do you have the latest must-have CEO accessory? Aflac president and COO Paul Amos II is among the leaders benefiting from a chief of staff … Motivate a team to produce the desired results by providing them with feedback that goes beyond “what?” “when?” “who?” and “how?” Ask “why?” more often. It’s well worth it, even when time-consuming, says executive Terry Starbucker, who pens the TerryStarbucker.com blog.

Give your self-control a longer leash

January 11, 2010

Scientists are discovering that the concepts of willpower and self-discipline may be counterproductive. How so? One experiment at Tufts University indicates that people who are not hypercareful—that is, trying too hard not to say the wrong thing—mess up less often.

Do you expect too much?

December 11, 2009

Setting high standards for yourself is good, but here’s how to monitor your level of expectations so you’ll be tough but fair:

Why it’s hard to admit you’re off track

April 1, 2007
Leadership consultant Antony Bell tells this story to show the stubbornness of our assumptions: what psychologists and scientists call our “paradigms.”

Jerry Lewis on taking criticism

March 1, 2006
In 1953, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis played London’s Palladium, the first appearance in England for what back then was America’s top entertainment act. The Palladium audience loved them … except for a few anti-American demonstrators in the balcony, who booed.