Career Management

Leadership Tips: Vol. 612

June 11, 2012
Get it done with virtual assistants: Task services are the new office assistants … Real research shows: When making research-based decisions, how to tell when research is sound? … New paradigm: Science writer James Gleick thinks the basis of the universe isn’t matter or energy, but data.

One teacher’s lesson a CEO never forgot

June 7, 2012
One of CEO Joel Manby’s most memorable lessons in leadership came from Miss Pray, his seventh-grade teacher in Battle Creek, Mich. She said, “You have the natural ability to be a great leader, but you are going to have to fix your listening skills or you will be limited in how far you can go.”

‘Leeters’: Leaders who tweet

June 6, 2012
Twitter requires a little restraint: first because of the 140-character limit and second because, in the words of a top tweeter, you’ll want to “think before you click.”

Travel planning: Got your app on?

May 31, 2012
Experts initially thought business travelers would use travel applications on their phones for last-minute emergencies. Instead, apps are used for everything, from planning to navigation in real time.

Watch your blind spot

May 23, 2012
To avoid being a casualty of your own flaws, examine your blind spot. Don’t turn a blind eye to your faults. Seek out frank and frequent feed­­back from work allies who know you well, suggests David Brookmire, president of Corporate Performance Strategies Inc.

Leadership Tips: Vol. 512

May 1, 2012
New research shows that bullies fail as leaders in the long run, says Fordham professor William Baker. Indeed, nice guys finish first … Maggie Fox, founder and CEO of Social Media Group, jots down three goals—and only three—every morning … Try this interview question.

How to improve institutional habits

April 24, 2012
Habits shape us all. In his first book, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, Charles Duhigg shows how to establish good habits and discard bad ones.

Once your face is on Facebook

April 5, 2012
When signing up for Facebook, after you’ve nailed down your basics (photo, where you’re from, where you live now, where you work, and anything else you don’t mind the world knowing), decide on your default privacy setting. The easiest and safest way to go is with “friends only.”

Not so rosy at the top anymore

April 3, 2012
Top executives are less powerful than they used to be. Two decades ago, American CEOs struck heroic poses on the covers of business magazines and appointed buddies to their boards. Since the Enron debacle in 2001, change has come in several ways:

Leadership Tips: Vol. 412

April 2, 2012
Gauge your audience: When addressing a crowd you don’t know, quickly assess their immersion in your subject … Distinguish style from substance … Find a winning strategy.