Career Management

Dress for first class

September 30, 2011
A passenger who checked in for an Air Canada flight was handed a first-class boarding pass even though he was an infrequent flier on a cheap ticket. Why? “Our station manager noticed how well-dressed you are and told me to up­­grade you,” the gate agent told him.

Can potential hires think on their feet?

September 8, 2011
For tough or oddball questions, it’s not whether job candidates get the right answers, but how they tackle the problems. Are they creative? Can they think on their feet?

Cole Porter: No complaints

September 7, 2011
You probably didn’t know that in 1937, a horse fell on musical genius Cole Porter, crushing both his legs. He was 46 years old. Through 35 operations and chronic pain, he retained a keen sense of humor and found inspiration everywhere.

Leadership Tips: Vol. 811

August 1, 2011
Plan a reverse elevator pitch: Every­body knows about the 30-­second “elevator speech” aspiring employees should have on hand when riding the elevator with head honchos. But do you have a snippet ready for times you’re confined in a small space with a subordinate or a visitor?

Just ask a boomer

July 20, 2011

To pass the torch gracefully to Generations X and Y, boomers need to explain a few things: 1. Manners still matter. 2. Don’t reinvent the Edsel. 3. We care about spelling and grammar. 4. We need to feel valued and respected.

Learning to do the right thing well

July 18, 2011

For a high achiever, the thought of doing a poor or even so-so job is abhorrent. That’s why so many leaders find their upward trajectory fizzle to a plateau. Rather than trying something new and risking poor performance, they lock into routine. How to get past self-imposed obstacles:

Find your own safe haven

July 8, 2011
Next time you feel cornered, remember this: In bullfighting, there’s a place in the ring where the bull feels safe. It’s called the querencia. For people, the querencia is a place or point of departure in our inner lives.

Leadership Tips: Vol. 711

July 1, 2011
Think about how you want your organization described, in clear, jargon-free words that anyone would understand. Then describe it the way your best customer would … If you travel a lot, but aren’t willing to shell out for business class, consider Priority Pass.

Find ‘connectors’ to enrich your career

June 9, 2011

Good friends are good for a lot of things, but not jobs, because they know the same folks you do. Connectors know lots of people and function the same way a node does in a computer network, routing reams of new data to the right recipients. How can you find these connectors?

Introverted? Turn it into an asset

May 20, 2011

Do you tend to eschew the limelight, think before you speak or feel most ener­gized by spending time alone? In a survey by, 65% of senior managers said that introversion was an impediment to reaching higher management levels. That finding is easily debunkable.