Career Management

Leadership Tips, Vol. 1116

October 21, 2016
The elixir of leadership … Are you a jerk? … 1-to-1 equals 2 people.

Embrace the past, then ditch it

October 1, 2016

In unpacking a Tony Robbins TED talk, executive coach Naphtali Hoff tried to get at what it takes to overcome past failures. The secret, he concluded, is not about your resources but your resourcefulness.

Most important rule in writing

September 28, 2016
When it comes to business writing, you must make it about your readers and what they stand to gain from your words.

He wants the job, but not the frequent-flier miles

September 18, 2016
Q: My most recent promotion was a big deal, and I keep hearing I’m being groomed for a top job here. But the new job requires almost constant travel. I hate airports, especially with those long lines and delays. But I fear if I gripe about the travel, I’ll look bad. Help!

Leadership Tips, Vol. 1016

September 17, 2016
Creating a vision of yourself … Listening well … Giving it everything

How Airbnb’s legal mind keeps going

September 8, 2016
For years now, Belinda Johnson has been in charge of Airbnb’s legal efforts, a tough job because the alternative hotel company is on the cutting edge of regulatory compliance. Now her job has become even bigger.

It’s smart to change your mind

September 4, 2016

You’ve got to hand John Mackey credit for creating Whole Foods, sweeping out dusty old organic markets and ushering in a new era of green grocers. Despite his air of certitude, one of the secrets to Mackey’s success is his ability to change his mind.

Key to success: Just 5% more

August 24, 2016
Entrepreneur Michael Alden says the key to success is often just 5% more: putting in 5% more time and effort, giving 5% more to employees or being 5% more efficient.

Survive the hook and leave your job gracefully

August 12, 2016
Even the highest flyers can walk into work one day and walk out with a box of family photos.

What your email sign-off is really saying

August 4, 2016
Do you put much thought into your email sign-off? Chances are you don’t. Generally you pick one and stick with it. It becomes your persona for better or worse. Here are five popular email sign-offs and what the recipient could conclude.