Career Management

Old dogs should learn new tricks

March 10, 2021
Q. It seems that technology in the workplace is running away from me. The younger people in my company are using and embracing all these online productivity tools that I know little about, and I’m left in the dark. I’m in the twilight of my career and have little desire to learn all that. I’m sure there are many others who feel the same. Your thoughts?

Leadership Tips, Vol. 0421

March 10, 2021
Begin every message with the result in mind … Get more ideas during important meetings … Give a heads up before a tricky conversation

Eliminate 4 crucial weaknesses

February 10, 2021
Leadership doesn’t come naturally to every manager. As you move forward in your career, work to expel these weaknesses that can inhibit your ability to be seen as a true leader.

Leadership Tips, Vol. 0321

February 10, 2021
Celebrate the team’s victories along the way … Stop the meeting stragglers … Diversity of opinion is a great way to solve problems

Penalty flag on the office decor

January 13, 2021
Q: I’ve been a Washington Redskins fan for most of my life, and my office shows it—posters, helmet, throw-rug, etc. Now that we’re returning to the office, I’m wondering what my employees will think if I don’t remove the “Redskins” motif, now that the team dropped the offensive nickname. I’d like to keep all my memorabilia. What would you do?

Train your eye on these indicators

January 13, 2021
If your business fails (whatever business you’re in), everybody suffers. As a leader at any level, you’ve got to concentrate on the fundamentals of success if you want your organization to thrive. Here’s what to pay attention to.

You can control how you’re perceived

January 13, 2021
Your image as a leader depends on more than selecting the right power suit. Here’s how to stay in control of how people perceive you.

Tale of 2 teachers

January 13, 2021
A successful merchant prided himself on his resistance to sales pitches. Once he made up his mind not to buy, no spiel could change it or wear him down. However, one young salesman just wouldn’t give up.

Ditch these 6 ‘skills’ right now!

January 13, 2021
Ed Hess identifies six skills and attitudes that not long ago might have gotten you a corner office—but may now get you fired.

Learn from bad managers

December 23, 2020
When you’re seeking role models, you naturally look to the good managers you’ve known. However, don’t simply block out the bad managers, even if you might very well like to.