Building top team performance

June 5, 2015
There’s no foolproof way to build teams, but good ones share these approaches.

CEO pinpoints 4 keys to building trust

May 15, 2015

Soon after Marillyn Hewson became Lockheed Martin’s CEO in early 2013, she packed her bags. Her goal was to meet face-to-face with investors, customers and employees. After months on the road, she met with more than 60,000 staf­­fers.

You don’t have to short-change employees to focus on customers

May 6, 2015
When Mark Organ co-founded Eloqua in 1999, he was a self-described “maniac” for customer success. He devoted much of his time to accompanying his sales staff to client meetings, looking for every opportunity to delight customers and exceed their expectations. In 2010, Organ launched another tech company called Influitive. As the CEO, Organ still focuses on customers, but he also seeks to curry favor with his employees.

5 keys to create group harmony

April 7, 2015
Andrew Field, president and CEO of, has articulated the principles that guide his leadership.

Drive strong results with diverse teams

March 31, 2015
Researchers at MIT and George Washington University studied eight years of data at a big U.S. professional services company. Inspecting revenue figures, employee surveys and other workplace metrics, researchers found that more diverse teams significantly outperform homogeneous groups.

Ignite debate by teaming up rivals

January 23, 2015
Kevin Reddy, chairman and CEO of Noodles & Co., took a calculated risk in 2009 by hiring a senior executive who had a bitter history with one of Reddy’s top lieutenants. He figured that if they fought before, they’d fight again. And that’s exactly what he wanted.

Groups call the shots at W.L. Gore

December 30, 2014
To foster teamwork, give employees a voice. Let them work together to make decisions and they’ll collaborate more freely.

Put a lid on verbal free-for-alls

October 9, 2014
Because introverts and extroverts learn differently, customize your training strategy. A one-size-fits-all approach rarely works for everyone.

‘Yes, and’ works better than ‘No, but’

September 11, 2014
At first glance, you might not think im­­provisational comedy and organizational teamwork share much in common. But they do.

Leading a leadership team

August 29, 2014
Two critical functions must be fulfilled to make a senior leadership team work.