Promoting harmony when personalities clash

January 6, 2016
Every leader wants to run a harmonious workplace. But when personalities clash and tensions erupt, collaboration tends to fall by the wayside.

Pry your people away from their screens

December 30, 2015
Research shows that when employees enjoy socializing with each other and engage in informal conversation, they’re more productive.

Opposites can produce better outcomes

December 10, 2015

If someone doesn’t mirror your preferred communication style, it’s tempting to label that person a poor listener. You may look for ways to avoid working with that individual. Yet in many cases, two people with mismatched personalities can still collaborate well. Jessie Kahnweiler learned that lesson.

12 questions help alter team behavior

November 13, 2015
To change behavior—your own and your team’s—start by identifying specific behaviors you want to change. Here are questions to help prepare your team.

How to build the right corporate culture

November 12, 2015
What is Nick Miller, the co-founder and CEO of Parking Panda, speaking of when he says, “We’re willing to sacrifice revenue to maintain those values”?

Team recognition goes far and wide

August 19, 2015
One tool Lakshmi Narayanan has used to build teamwork is an affair called “annual day,” in which top performers come onstage and receive a trophy, often presented by a customer.

4 tips to build a can-do culture

July 9, 2015
One of the healthiest signs of a strong organizational culture involves employees’ attitudes. Do they confront challenges with gusto? Or do they seem defeated from the start? When employees exhibit these four attitudes, it’s usually a good sign of a “yes we can” culture.

Watch your behavior as team leader

June 10, 2015

What’s the most important factor in determining whether your team will succeed? You might guess it’s the participants’ skills and talents, their willingness to collaborate or the organizational culture within which they operate. Yet the right answer is your behavior as team leader.

Building top team performance

June 5, 2015
There’s no foolproof way to build teams, but good ones share these approaches.

CEO pinpoints 4 keys to building trust

May 15, 2015

Soon after Marillyn Hewson became Lockheed Martin’s CEO in early 2013, she packed her bags. Her goal was to meet face-to-face with investors, customers and employees. After months on the road, she met with more than 60,000 staf­­fers.