How one team’s clubhouse design creates bonds

August 10, 2017
The Chicago Cubs’ new Wrigley Field clubhouse is unlike any other in major league baseball because it’s a circle. The unusual shape promotes equality and collaboration.

What Cubs and Red Sox scouts look for

June 22, 2017
Theo Epstein is a baseball legend—and he’s only 43 years old. He recruited the right mix of players so that two storied franchises, the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs, could win the World Series after long droughts. Assembling these winning teams did not happen by accident.

To tame egos, start sweeping

May 31, 2017
When Graham Henry became head coach of New Zealand’s national rugby team in 2004, he knew he faced long odds. The once-great rugby powerhouse—perhaps the most successful sports team ever—was in a rut.

The secret language of high-fives

April 13, 2017
There are many ways to cheer your teammates’ triumphs and prod them to pick up their game when they’re down. What’s important is showing that you care and you’re rowing along with everyone in pursuit of shared success.

5 keys to build a great group

February 17, 2017
The tendency to credit team leaders for a group’s success—and blame them for a group’s failure—is often misguided.

Assemble a team to see tomorrow

January 11, 2017
Garry Ridge’s goal for the last 20 years has been to transform WD-40 into a global, diversified brand.

Want unity? Plug the generational gap

January 7, 2017
In a diverse workplace, you may make repeated attempts to get four generations of employees to work together seamlessly. Good luck with that.

Steve Kerr on leading the Warriors

December 2, 2016
Steve Kerr has built the Golden State Warriors into a formidable team of selfless contributors.

5 questions to spark meeting debates

November 18, 2016
It’s better to use the limited time you have as a team to examine important issues.

Set the stage for groups to excel

October 12, 2016
When you manage a team, you’re entering into a relationship of mutual dependence. What you say and do will determine the team’s success.