Social Media

Should I ‘friend’ my employees?

April 9, 2013
Research has begun about social media in the workplace with mixed findings. For you, the question is: Should I “friend” my employees on Facebook?

Creating a simple but profitable profile on LinkedIn

January 23, 2013
For business people, LinkedIn is the most important social media tool. Think of it as a business mixer where everyone displays their critical information on their chests. Like everything else in life, I will form an opinion of you and how seriously you regard this tool in about five seconds. For now, focus on these most influential parts of your profile:

Finally, I’m on LinkedIn. So, now what?

January 2, 2013
If you join online networks like Facebook or LinkedIn, make it worth the effort. Follow these tips to get the most out of online networking.

LinkedIn do’s & don’ts

November 26, 2012
Here are guidelines to make the most of LinkedIn.

Shortcuts to social media savvy

July 23, 2012
Still a little shaky on social media? Pick your own way to get comfortable:

‘Leeters’: Leaders who tweet

June 6, 2012
Twitter requires a little restraint: first because of the 140-character limit and second because, in the words of a top tweeter, you’ll want to “think before you click.”

Once your face is on Facebook

April 5, 2012
When signing up for Facebook, after you’ve nailed down your basics (photo, where you’re from, where you live now, where you work, and anything else you don’t mind the world knowing), decide on your default privacy setting. The easiest and safest way to go is with “friends only.”