Social Media

Hiring? Rethink party photos

April 15, 2014
Screening out job candidates who look tipsy on Facebook may seem obvious, but there are pitfalls to this approach.

At Citigroup, creativity is a global game

March 13, 2014
In late 2011, Susan Andrews came up with a bold campaign to spur innovation across Citigroup, a global financial firm. As head of innovation for the company’s Citi Ventures unit, Andrews decided to use social media to turn 263,000 em­­ployees in 97 countries into innovators.

5 things to know about social media

February 14, 2014
Executives need to understand five key aspects of social media.

Top 10 apps for execs

November 29, 2013
Apps for smartphones and tablets make business easier. In Industry Week, Jeffrey Hayzlett, former chief marketing officer at Kodak, picks these best apps for business.

Getting started with basic Google+

November 21, 2013
While everyone has been using Facebook and Twitter, it seems, Google+ has been gaining ground. Here’s a basic primer on getting around Google+.

Create your own ‘Lady Gaga Effect’

September 18, 2013
Pop diva Lady Gaga has amassed nearly 40 million Twitter followers through existing channels—the same ones you can use to build your brand or cause. Follow these strategies.

ING chief uses Twitter to forge brand

August 1, 2013
Peter Aceto, CEO of ING Direct Canada, has plunged into the world of social media. He uses Twitter to forge relationships with consumers and build the ING brand. Follow his lead in doing social media with three simple guidelines.

Scrub up your social hygiene

August 1, 2013
Professional branding through social media is becoming more effective. Once you get it rolling, here’s how to keep your branding tight in 15 minutes a day.

Weed out requests with a ‘twitpitch’

May 17, 2013
Executives are now asking people who want something from them—from job candidates to vendors and suppliers seeking business—to summarize their pitch in the form of a tweet, or “twitpitch.” There are many ways you can apply this technique.

What you’re doing wrong on LinkedIn

May 1, 2013
If you use no other social media, you still need LinkedIn to help manage your professional life. Surveys show professional participation at more than 80%. But the pros say a lot of us are doing it wrong.