Social Media

Are you using Twitter on business trips?

July 21, 2015
A few months ago, we offered tips on using Twitter to ease your airline travel. Here’s a wider array of business travel prep and trouble-shooting.

How to be swell at social media

June 8, 2015

Whatever your leadership goals for 2015, do this: Sharpen your game on social media. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn, you need social media to lead. Here are seven ways to get your game face on.

Marketing trends for social media managers

April 3, 2015
Digital marketing changes so fast that even employees dedicated to staying ahead of it can feel overwhelmed. Here are some trends to watch this year.

Mind your manners in group texting

February 13, 2015

If you and your colleagues use group texting, consider adding these rules to your social media policy.

Facebook’s ‘Other’ Folder

November 18, 2014
Social media have so many hidden features that it’s hard to keep up. Here’s one you may have missed.

8 stumbles in social media

October 16, 2014
Nothing is what happens when you go through the motions instead of digging into social media to advance the goals of your organization.

Use Twitter to your advantage

August 19, 2014
Most CEOs do not tweet. Are they missing something? The pervasiveness of social media affords leaders a golden opportunity to connect directly with employees, customers and the public. Twitter offers a particularly easy and effective channel for executive outreach.

Fly with the Twitter bird

August 14, 2014
If you travel a lot and run up against airline delays and lost luggage, you may be able to get faster service via Twitter than by using a squirrelly airline app, calling or standing in line to rebook.

Coping with online reviews

July 25, 2014
“Bad” publicity could prompt an influx of curious new customers as it did for celebrity chef Guy Fieri when a food critic trashed his restaurant. Here’s how to handle your next bad review.

5 ways to lead with LinkedIn

May 29, 2014
Still slightly puzzled about how to turn LinkedIn to your advantage? Follow these tips and you’ll lead the pack.