Social Media

Thinking sales? Think social media

December 8, 2017

A recent LinkedIn study surveyed 2,000 U.S. business-to-business professionals about how they see technology affecting sales. Here’s some data from the study, along with steps you can take.

A LinkedIn primer for leaders

October 26, 2017
A compendium of wisdom for using the professional’s most important social media tool.

The joys of search engine optimization

June 12, 2017
Here are the four biggest mistakes by social media marketers in search engine optimization, and how to avoid them.

The best apps for social media

May 15, 2017
Before investing in a social media management tool, ask yourself some questions, including these.

I, brand ambassador

March 21, 2017
More than your employees, more than your vendors and investors, and more than your customers, you and your behavior on social media are the online embodiment of your company’s brand.

Verify your brand on Twitter

November 21, 2016
Ever notice those little blue check marks next to a tweeter on Twitter? That’s the social media behemoth saying it has verified that the person or organization is bona fide.

Twitter-dee and dum back to basics

July 22, 2016
Last time, we gave you a midlevel guide to leadership strategy on Twitter. This time we’re going back to basics.

Don’t try too hard on Twitter

May 5, 2016
Social media sometimes baffles even The New York Times.

How not to police social media

March 16, 2016
Your employees have rights, but your organization must defend its reputation. That’s why you need clear social media policies and must keep abreast of decisions by the National Labor Relations Board.

3 apps to measure employee engagement

March 3, 2016
Wonder what’s chafing your employees? Ask them with an app.