Presentation Skills

Refusing to rehearse, a CEO bombs

January 15, 2014
As Apple’s new CEO in 1996, Gil ­Amelio sought to put his stamp on the famous computer maker. But he left a different kind of mark.

Construct a tight, flowing speech

January 9, 2014
The best presentations unfold in three parts: (1) straightforward opening that sets an audience’s expectation for what’s to follow; (2) an orderly midsection; (3) a decisive, confident conclusion.

Leadership Tips: Vol. 1113

November 26, 2013
Lead the charge when you see a challenge … Get past your limitations … Take the time to be concise.

Power presentations: Ace a Q&A exchange

September 26, 2013
When you open the floor to questions, you must still retain command of the proceedings. To engineer a crisp, informative Q&A, apply these techniques.

Harness vocal tempo to add dynamism

July 3, 2013
Most business presenters overlook voice tempo. They don’t modulate their speed and wind up missing a golden opportunity to enhance the dynamism of their remarks.

Sharpen your prose

June 25, 2013
In their new book, college professors and brothers Steven and Victor Cahn take those who write up their work through a step-by-step editing process. A few simple tricks stand out.

Quick guide to quick statements

May 21, 2013
Leaders need to pay close attention to their management income statement, or “natural P&L,” the cornerstone for managing any organization. Every organization is unique, so every statement needs to vary slightly, but what all good management reports have in common are characteristics that make them useful.

Fend off tough questions from media

May 7, 2013
Before you give a live media interview, prepare to answer questions on your terms. Rehearse what you’ll say if you’re challenged to defend yourself or your organization.

They are watching you

April 26, 2013
As a leader, you can expect everything you say and do to be under constant evaluation. From the first few moments of his appearance as head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis I expressed humility through his demeanor as well as his words.

Don’t lecture: Inject some drama

April 18, 2013
Before you address a roomful of employees, identify the main point you want to make, then figure out a memorable way to convey it. Consider how Jack Welch, GE’s former CEO, injected some drama speaking to his top managers.