Presentation Skills

Public speaking … just for laughs

June 14, 2018
Q. People can give me all the tips in the world about how to control my nerves before a speech, but they never seem to take. Want to take a crack at one?

Just a victim of hypercorrection

April 25, 2018
Yes, we know the rules, but somehow apply them incorrectly in the attempt to get it right. Huh? That’s called hypercorrection.

When speaking, take charge of your surroundings

November 10, 2017

As you mingle before delivering a speech, use that time to win over audience members. Help them form a positive first impression of you.

Ouch! The harshest presentation scorecard ever

August 15, 2017
Steel yourself—we want you to put your upcoming talk through this aggressive 12-point test. Our goal is to poke, nitpick and annoy until you have all your bases covered and can come off like an awesome leader, not a text reader.Let the tough love begin!

The best audience of all: a dog?

August 9, 2017
American University has eight canines on a roster of “audience dogs,” whose main duties are to be attentive for university students nervous about presentations.

To tame speech anxiety, be selfless

June 30, 2017
In the days and hours leading up to your presentation, you may wallow in anxious thoughts such as, “I dread this” or “I hope I don’t look stupid.” Joey Asher, an Atlanta-based speech coach, calls this “selfish self-talk.”

Welcome challenges from the crowd

March 9, 2017
You’re more apt to engage audiences if you invite them to speak up at any time.

Stand out with a new meeting strategy

December 23, 2016
Timing is everything when you’re trying to persuade someone.

2,300 years old … and a terrific speaker

December 8, 2016
Over 2,300 years ago, Greek philosopher Aristotle found that orators could win over audiences by integrating three elements: logos, ethos and pathos.

Make every second of silence count

December 8, 2016
Everyone knows that it’s easier to sell yourself and your ideas if you’re able to listen well. And the best way to listen is to keep quiet.