People Management

Better phrases than ‘Thank you’

August 7, 2015
Are you running out of ways to show your gratitude to employees for doing a great job? Use one of these phrases—orally or in writing—to show employees that their efforts are appreciated.

Give introverts a chance to shine

June 4, 2015

Research shows that introverts represent about half of the population. That means you probably lead your share of quiet, focused types. To communicate more effectively with introverts, follow these guidelines.

Spark brainstorms with simple steps

June 3, 2015
To spur innovation, it takes more than promoting outside-the-box thinking. You need to cultivate a spirit of openness and inventiveness among your staff.

CEO pinpoints 4 keys to building trust

May 15, 2015

Soon after Marillyn Hewson became Lockheed Martin’s CEO in early 2013, she packed her bags. Her goal was to meet face-to-face with investors, customers and employees. After months on the road, she met with more than 60,000 staf­­fers.

Make the most of performance reviews

May 11, 2015
Are you simply enduring them, or are you using them as a real opportunity for two-way learning?

You don’t have to short-change employees to focus on customers

May 6, 2015
When Mark Organ co-founded Eloqua in 1999, he was a self-described “maniac” for customer success. He devoted much of his time to accompanying his sales staff to client meetings, looking for every opportunity to delight customers and exceed their expectations. In 2010, Organ launched another tech company called Influitive. As the CEO, Organ still focuses on customers, but he also seeks to curry favor with his employees.

Invite the ‘whole person’ to work

April 9, 2015
For Brian Walker, leadership and inspiration go hand in hand. The CEO of Herman Miller wants the company’s roughly 5,700 employees to love their jobs, so he reminds his staff that the company’s goal is “to create a better world around you.”

Frame requests to gain what you want

February 25, 2015
When you need to ask others to change behavior that is adversely affecting your work, follow this advice.

Turn your team into strategic thinkers

February 24, 2015
To think strategically, you need to pose the right questions. Mobilizing your team to come up with the right answers turns everyone into strategic thinkers.

Foster a collaborative workplace

February 12, 2015
When people work to­­gether, they bring different strengths, perceptions and experiences to the table. That leads to stronger ideas, better decisions and faster problem solving. Use these tips to foster more collaboration among your employees