People Management

Want to start saving time on circular conversations?

June 8, 2022
As you initiate a talk with someone—whether in person or by phone—begin by saying in a firm but friendly tone, “I only have five minutes and I need to ask you a question that requires either a yes or no answer.”

Don’t turn off that Zoom cam!

May 11, 2022
Employees should think twice before switching off their webcams during those seemingly endless Zoom meetings. According to a new study by software company Vyopta, 92% of executives in medium-to-large firms say people who turn their video cameras off in team meetings won’t last long.

3 deep-dive performance principles

May 11, 2022
The podcast “Think Fast, Talk Smart,” produced by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, recently featured a conversation with psychology professor Philip Zimbardo on the most powerful influencers of human behavior.

Ageism and communication technology

May 4, 2022
While a good communications policy can help set boundaries and give guidance, a little examination of our own biases toward certain types of electronic communications can go a long way to giving value and being seen as valuable in our careers.

Illegal harassment vs. legal (but still wrong) bullying

March 17, 2022
Nate’s mistreatment of Will in Season 2 of the hit TV show Ted Lasso is uncomfortable to watch and horrendous management. But is it illegal? The answer is no.

How to compete with rising pay expectations

March 10, 2022
Target announced at the end of February that it was dramatically raising its minimum wage. Other large companies are also raising pay and benefits to compete for available talent. What does this mean for smaller organizations that can’t afford such lofty pay scales and benefits packages?

What exactly is insubordination?

March 9, 2022
When people hear the term “insubordination,” they often envision someone in the military refusing to carry out the orders of a commanding officer. The concept is similar when applied to a work environment

Making the world go around

March 9, 2022
Mike Rose’s book The Mind at Work is an important reminder of the need to value the intellects of all workers in all trades. This excerpt describes how he learned about the world of physical work from the adults in his life, especially his Uncle Frank.

Dealing with a control freak

March 9, 2022
Victims of a control freak’s actions may ponder how to get the person to change. Playing armchair mental health professional, though, does not usually help. Rather, a better strategy for those confronting this issue might be figuring out how to coexist. Here are some suggestions.

8 essential tips for the visual learner

March 2, 2022
If you receive new ideas most effectively with a visual element, here are some methods you may want to incorporate in your working environment.